Why Your Sartorial Choices Matter And How To Get It Right

(Model wears art deco inspired Tailorman Silk Brocade Tuxedo)

It’s safe to say that 2019 is turning out to be a year of self-expression. We live in a time where diversity, questioning of standards of aesthetics and beauty, sustainability, and buzzwords like genderless and ageless, are all being echoed on runways and off it, all of which point to a paradigm shift in  public opinion.

Gone are the days of telling the world we’re too focused on matters of the mind to care about what we put on our bodies. A subdued and sombre personal style is no longer the barometer of our intellectual worthiness. We are done playing out the assumption that fashion and clothing are frivolous, when all we want to do is use it to express our creativity and uniqueness.

Your look therefore becomes a tool to help you stand out in this homogenised world. But, why does it matter what you wear, what you buy, and want to express? Let’s take a look at why your sartorial choices express what you stand for.

1. Your creative manifesto – personal style for positive self image 

Most of us are regularly questioning our identity – where we belong and what we feel most connected to. Therefore, the power of sartorial choices lies in its power to disrupt norms and broadcast your mindset. Being yourself is empowering, and can in turn empower others to be true to themselves. Choosing playful prints or combining fabrics, colours, and silhouettes, visually vocalise identity beyond the boundaries of words.

A psychological term “enclothed cognition” is when clothing alters the mood and mind-set of its wearers. Clothing then becomes a living expression of your identity. You get to choose what to display and what to mask. By deciding which aspects of your inner life you’d like to highlight and share, you build a sense of pride and confidence in exhibiting your uniqueness.

2. Appearance as a way of imparting glocal flavor

Tailorman self-textured jacquard A-line silk sherwani

The “glocalised” trend is gaining momentum where mixing and matching contemporary silhouettes with pieces inspired by local culture has become a means of staying closer to your roots. By showcasing the artistic inspiration and vision behind your clothes, you tell stories about your cultural heritage. Wearing Indian accents in clothing is no longer limited to weddings and ethnic events, instead it’s become a way to set yourself apart on the global scene, especially while traveling. What you wear can easily turn into conversation starters about where you come from and about the world.

3. Life in technicolor

Good fashion is always a reflection of the times. For example, wearing pinks and pastels nowadays show an acceptance and acknowledgement of  the blurring lines between the genders, and a celebration of the feminine. What you wear doesn’t have to be relegated to safe but boring neutrals. Give into your impulses, and use bold colours to tell people that you’re there to make an impression. Allow stripes and dots to show off your playful side, while bolder patterns and prints can be used to make a statement. When you wield the brilliance of colours as a sartorial tool, it becomes a means to live out your fantasies and adds a boldness to your presence.

4. Becoming sustainable

What we wear is often a reflection of our ideologies. With sustainability, environment protection and climate change being the biggest movements of the year, it’s wise to make choices that are insync with them. Therefore, when you have to do something as simple as choose between a Rs 500 or Rs 4000 shirt, things more than fashion fads are at play. The cheaper option uses low quality  fabrics, is almost always machine-made, and wears out quickly resulting in higher landfill. The more expensive shirt on the other hand, was probably made with mindfully curated fabrics, and an experienced tailor was involved in its production process. The more expensive shirt will also last longer, making it the more sustainable option.

In conclusion, we’d like to say that by choosing not to care about your sartorial choices, you miss an opportunity to make a statement.  Your choices aren’t superficial and insignificant, they’re powerful and hence should be treated as such.

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