Why You Should Consider Purchasing Custom Made Clothes

purchase custom clothing

Over the years, custom made clothing have gained popularity as more companies offering made to measure menswear have come online. That being said, it’s not as popular as it should be, owing to the misconception that purchasing custom made clothes online is expensive and tedious. We’re here to put those myths to rest. Let’s begin.

What are custom made clothes?

Simply put, custom made or made to measure clothes are made to the specifications of the customer. This includes great attention to fit and also additional personalized features like fabrics, buttons, linings, collar and cuff styles, etc, chosen as per the customer’s preferences.

Benefits of custom clothing versus ready made clothes

Most people expect custom menswear to be exorbitantly expensive, but it’s marginally more expensive than something off the rack. But in so many ways, it’s a superior product. Let’s compare:

Fit: Custom made clothes are tailored to fit perfectly, whereas readymade clothes come in predefined sizes. The human body needn’t always conform to the readymade clothing sizes. Therefore, many times readymade clothes call for extensive alterations, whereas custom made clothes elude that issue in the very initial session when the tailor takes all the personal measurements.

Comfort: This is closely tied in to the point above. Some menswear staples like suits call for complicated construction with various materials and layering. Therefore, all elements have to drape the body well so that there is no bunching or pulling, even on parts that aren’t visible, like the lining. This part is hard to nail for off the rack clothes.

Longevity: Some of the factors leading to quick wear and tear in clothing are incorrect fit, low quality fabrics, and bad production practices. Custom clothing skirts this issue by paying close attention to fit before tailoring, and correct processes while tailoring. For example, did you know that a certain number of stitches per inch have to be maintained while tailoring, or that there are different types of seams, etc.? A good tailor would be aware of these and implement them too.

Choices: Unlike ready to wear clothes, custom clothing is made to suit your personal style and lifestyle, therefore everything from fabrics to trims to design elements are chosen by you. This especially pertains to fabric choices. Ready made clothes can come in low quality fabrics and threads to meet production price points, whereas custom clothing can maintain the highest standards. The tailor, and in some cases, in-house personal stylist (as seen in Tailorman stores) can assist you in making the right choices from a wide selection.

Customizations: When something is custom made for you, there’s literally no second piece like it. Therefore, a wardrobe filled with custom clothing is akin to your own designer label where the only client is you. Companies like Tailorman even offer monogram services, which act like your personal logo!

Repeat buys: One of the best things about custom clothing is that, once you’ve nailed the fit the first time around, you can have your other clothes customized easily every single time. In Tailorman, for example, the measurements of each customer is stored for future use.

But, are all ready made clothes bad?

No, custom made clothing require some time and effort on the customer’s end. Ready made clothes on the other hand are convenient to buy if you’re in a hurry. If your body matches the available sizes, then too, you’re in luck.

We hope that you’re feeling more confident about buying customized clothing. We suggest you walk into one of the Tailorman stores, or book an appointment online to ease yourself into the made to measure experience.

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