Why You Need A Statement Jacket

Statement jackets or blazers, though there are subtle distinctions, most certainly need to be a part of your daily style arsenal. Even with its ubiquitous presence, the statement jacket whether tailored or casual, are a  versatile and quirky addition that  can spice up your wardrobe and showcase your personal style.

Even if you are someone who gravitates towards basic staple pieces or like to own a wardrobe that grabs attention, owning a the statement jackets covers a broad spectrum of style preferences which everyone can benefit from. Statement jackets are about presenting a confident and idealized image of yourself to the world. It’s a trusted item of clothing that makes you feel your best in any scenario.

There are many ways to make a statement—loud, muted, and everything in between. The value of owning a custom-made statement jacket designed to fit your style preferences and constructed to your exact measurements will become one of your most trusted go-to pieces. 

Rules for wearing the statement jacket

Taking the jacket beyond formal settings, it’s about looking sharp and fashionable for casual occasions. That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • Hemline: The hem of your statement jacket should hit around the thumb knuckle, the one between the end of your thumb and where the joint meets the palm.
  • Fit: It should fit to accommodate additional layers for cold weather knitwear or spring linens.
  • Fabric: The versatility of the statement jacket doesn’t lie solely in the number of places it can be worn, but also in the variety of fabric options from which it can be sewn.
  • Color and patterns: Get bold and creative with colours, prints, fabrics and patterns. Vibrant colour blocks, classic prints and patterns like stripes and checks, and a range of different fabrics from cotton to wool blends, tweed to velvet. A statement jacket doesn’t always have to feature outrageous patterns or colours , though if your wardrobe is more conservative overall, having at least one splashy piece in your wardrobe is a great idea.

Rules for styling the statement jacket

Restrained and classy or showing off your individual style and personal panache. Whatever you choose, your options with a statement jacket are extensive. 

A classic pairing of a dress shirt and necktie to make you look polished or for more informal days, skip the dress shirt and simply pair the jacket with your favorite v-neck sweater. Sweaters feel relaxed and less buttoned-up, while your jacket lends a professional touch to your outfit. And, don’t forget to accessorize. Pocket squares or scarves give the look some stability and cohesiveness.

We hope this article has convinced you to buy a statement jacket for yourself. We would definitely recommend a made to measure one from Tailorman.

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