Here are some of the best Tie Knots

For most men, knotting a tie instantly means the “Four in hand”. It’s traditional, safe and easy to knot. But we never follow the traditional route at Tailorman. As an accessory, a tie plays as important a role as your belt or pair of shoes. With this article we want to show you different ways to keep your tie game interesting and accentuate your everyday look. 

Each knot shapes differently with specific fabrics based on their draping properties and can really help you add a stroke of individuality to your look. We have picked out 5 easy styles for you, so make sure to try them out.



A close brother to the Four-in-hand; we felt it is important to cover the basics first.  If you prefer sticking to the basics for all your must-wear-tie events. Then try the Half or full Windsor knot. Since this knot is considered a classic in the tie world, they are traditionally perfect for all occasions. A tie can truly make or break your look so make sure to pair the right print, design or fabric to elevate your look. 


Isn’t this a beautiful knot? Alluding a bamboo shoot appeal, this knot style drapes elegantly in fabrics with a slight sheen to them, especially silk satin. We consider this the ideal black-tie knot, so if you’re looking to don a classic tuxedo this evening, then make sure to add an element of interest to your look with the Eldredge knot. Well, we would personally avoid prints for this particular style as it would overdo the crisscross effect and blend it all in, losing the very essence of the tie. 


We at Tailorman believe, there is a tie knot for every mood and outfit. Whether you’re going for the ultra-formal look or the easy casual appeal. There is one for you! The Trinity stands out with its interlocking bands, creating an illusional effect when worn in patterns, such as stripes and checks. These knots work better for casual looks but feel free to explore the knot with your evening attire. Just as the Eldredge knot, these too drape beautifully well in satin.


Very similar to Eldredge yet subtle like the Windsor, the Christensen knot is for someone who wants to slowly venture into the tie world. The look is similar to a full Windsor with its wide “knot region” but only a single cross unlike the Eldredge knot. These knots are best for formal occasions as they do not scream for attention and work best with subtle prints. There are surely no limitations to the fabric type you can adopt to knot this tie perfectly, but a strip or check pattern would surely help the knot to stand out from a regular Windsor. 


On top of our tie list is the Cape knot. Much like the grasshopper from the “Bugs Life” in appearance, this knot is a complete head turner.  For someone who truly loves to experiment with their ties and has their hand set to the more diverse knots, this is THE knot to take your tie game to a whole new level. Throw the spotlight on your tie this evening by choosing a bright solid color. We believe cottons or heavy weight fabrics are ideal for this knot as it needs a stiffer drape to retain its shape well.

Well this list is just a drop in the ocean compared to the creative, unique and stylish variants out there but none the less a great start to venture into the tie world. If you have any specific questions or personal tips regarding tie knots, feel free to drop a comment below and we would be happy to hear more about it. 



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