Trump’s Effect on Men’s Fashion

Like it or not, the US President has had a big influence on fashion’s new mood. Donald Trump has been a legitimate bomb of controversies ever since his decision to run for president. Much like the majority of the world, we’re surprised that he’s made it this far but what’s even more amusing is the mammoth effect of his words and actions globally. This may be his 2nd year of reigning over the land of dreams but his presidency has affected the world in more ways than one.

We’re more intrigued about what this means for the menswear.

#Fact Trump ties end below his belt.

#Fact Donald Trump tapes his tie.

With Trump being the reigning image of business, power, and money, we’re afraid conservative styles may just take the front seat on most occasions. The traditionalist’s colors like navy, black and grey have always flown out the shelves faster than other shades but this means a considerable drop in experimental styles and colors for formal setups.

Contrary to what’s happening in the women’s wear market (feminist slogans, power shoulders, etc), men’s clothing is moving towards a safer, monochromatic, boxier style that may not have appealed to us 2 years ago.

80’s Comeback

Trump, with his straight out of Wall Street look, is unknowingly bringing back the early 80’s trend of boxy suits for a casual office day. His traditionalist approach to formal suits may involve donning a slightly oversized jacket and taper-less pants but he ensures to always personalize his look with a bright hued tie, particularly the color “Red”. This old-school statement is a power play accessory symbolizing “I mean business”.

In our eye, this may be an unaccustomed change from the bespoke, slim tailored styles we prefer but the designers such as Balenciaga, Neil Barrett and more, have done an excellent job at bringing this style in a new light: light-weight fabrics, unique design details, and interesting styling.

Well, all said, there are two sides to every coin. We have men revolting the very idea of trumps existence and this means allowing room to change the traditional norms of men’s clothing.

As we mentioned earlier, women’s fashion has particularly seen a rebellious curve over the past 2 years and few enlightened men have dared to follow the unconventional trend. Slogan tee actively promoting feminism, tailored suits to symbolize class and form, and donning our favorite color pink to symbolize gender neutralism. With monetary status marking the epitome of self-importance, we’ve noticed a relaunch of bold statement logos, and loud prints this season.

Learn the BIG NOs of suiting up from the President himself. 


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