If You’re A Businessman, You Need These Three Basic Suits

basic suits

Wardrobe basics get a bad rap. They’re seen as boring – the clothing essentials of boring men. But that’s far from the truth. Wardrobe basics are the building blocks of great looks. The crisp white shirt, the sleek tuxedo, the linen jacket – they’re timeless, classy and say very nice things about the wearer.

When it comes to smaller items, it’s okay to indulge and spend on trends. But flashy items like a printed shirt in the color of the moment or checkered trousers that were in fashion for exactly fifteen minutes don’t have a great shelf life. And six months down the line, you’re stuck with a wardrobe that’s begging for some serious Mary Kondoing. And that’s why, at least when it comes to your big ticket items, it’s best to have your basics in place.

And what are these big ticket items, you ask.

Why should you own a suit in the first place?

Though suits may feel like a luxury to many, anyone who’s serious about their career and how they’re perceived is sure to have at least one sharp suit hanging in their wardrobe. The structured garment is flattering on most body types, and there’s a certain gravitas it gives to the wearer. It automatically gives the person an authoritative air. And if the suit is well tailored, then it makes the wearer look effortlessly sophisticated. And all this is conveyed without him even uttering a word. If Mark Zuckerberg wore a suit everyday, he’d probably be president by now.

How many suits should you own?

Most men think one black suit is enough. But at Tailorman, we believe you should own at least three – the black, navy blue and charcoal grey suit. They’re the cornerstones of great business looks. And here we give you a list of reasons why you should own these three suits:

  • They are in line with most corporate dress codes
  • They can be worn with a wide range of business shirts and tie combos without looking repetitive
  • They can be mixed and matched to create more looks, e.g., charcoal grey trousers with navy blue suit jacket, etc.
  • If you get them tailored to perfection, they can last for years without looking outdated
  • They can be worn for pretty much all business meetings, conferences, and formal events
  • They can be dressed up effortlessly with the right accessories, ties and pocket squares.

These suits really do put the power in power dressing. When you’re a busy man with empires to build, your wardrobe should be functional and easy to assemble. And these basic suits allow you to do that. If you want to jazz up your basic suits with color and patterns, then we have an entire post on mixing patterns. Of course, Tailorman allows you to add fun linings to the mix so that it’s all business on the outside and a party inside.

Now that you know the importance of owning the holy trinity of suits, please head to the Tailorman store and get your made to measure suit right away.

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