The Stylish Man’s Guide To The Monogram

monogram for men

It’s always a pleasure to see old-school things make a comeback, especially in fashion. And monograms are right up there with finely tailored, made to measure clothing. There was a time when it was just a nice way to differentiate your clothing in the laundry pile at the boarding school. However, today its making a comeback as a tasteful addition to a man’s clothing.

So what is it with the monogram that makes it so appealing?

Most stylish men today have made space in their wardrobes to accommodate designer wear dotted with logos. Designer logos are nothing but the designer’s monogram, and though they are attractive, they’re not personalized to the wearer.

Monograms, on the other hand, are made to represent the owner of a particular piece of clothing, be it a shirt, a robe or a suit jacket. They add a subtle layer of detailing to your clothing that differentiates it from that of others. Plus, they carry an old world charm that can’t be replicated in fast fashion clothing.

What should you monogram?

The most popular monogram choice is that of the name initials, but you could also ask for a special date to be monogrammed on your clothes. An example of this is the wedding date embroidered into the suit lining. Now isn’t that a sweet touch or what?

Should it be loud or subtle?

Since this is an embellishment on your chosen piece of clothing, you do have the freedom to embroider your shirt with your initials in a bright color. But you don’t want it to be the focal point of the shirt. Therefore, its best to stick to a color that complements the shirt or suit you’ve purchased so that the monogram does not look ostentatious. Go with toned down colors or tonal shades. The subtler it is, the classier it is. And yes, only one monogram per piece of clothing.

Tailorman provides monogramming services when they create custom shirts for men. This is the perfect finishing touch to a made to measure shirt – the last step towards making it truly your own. They give you the option to have your shirt monogrammed on either of the cuffs, near the button hole, or on the left chest pocket. Similarly, Tailorman encourages you to monogram important dates (like a wedding or graduation date) onto the lining of your suit jacket.

If you’re looking to move away from the world of fast fashion, and embrace a new way of dressing yourself, then custom made clothing with your initials just might give you the necessary nudge. Over time, people will come to associate your tailor made shirts and monograms as representations of your personal style.

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