The Classic White Shirt For Men

In a wardrobe full of seasonal variations, a classic white shirt is The definition of a wardrobe staple. The backbone of pretty much every closet, this essentially versatile piece can help you put together any look through the year, without the fear of going wrong about the season or trend! 

While it might be familiar, simple and dependable, the traditional shirt is anything but basic and that’s exactly why it’s enjoying a moment in the spotlight this year. We’re going to peel back the 9-5 assumption associated with the shirt and help you put together few looks to get you through various sartorial requirements. 


With summer just a few months away, swing out that classic white shirt for a breezy, casual appeal. These looks are great to get you through the raging heat and help you look dapper at the same time. 

We all know the grind for this one; the traditional norm associated with a white shirt to work. It’s all about the status and the power. It marks immense care and hence the whiter, cleaner, crispier a white shirt, the more impressionable you’ll be at your workspace. 

Partying in style only gets easier with this one. Whether you choose to pair it with bright-hued chinos, denim, traditional cuts or quirky accessories, there is very little room for error with this one, but we suggest, avoid looking like Morgan Freeman from Bruce Almighty



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