Tailored Suits That FIT

The hallmark of a well-tailored Made-to-Measure suit is the impeccable fit but what we often forget is that fit and style are relative to the wearer (we’re surely not taking queues from the over-sized suits donned by Mr. Trump). We strongly believe that to pull any look with confidence it’s important to find a suit style that speaks to your personal taste and fit, and while most of us hunt for that perfectly fitted off-the-peg style, Made-to-Measure suits offer a far more personalized touch to your individual style. 

SUIT JACKET- While there are rules on how your suit should fit, there are surely no rules on how to wear one. Choose the fabric and trims of your choice, pick your collar style and the buttons to match. Once you’ve designed your piece, leave it to the experts to get you fitted!


SUIT TROUSER- Knowing how your trouser should fit is guaranteed to help you in the long run. With a pair of well-tailored trousers comes to comfort, style, breathability, and ease of movement. 

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