Do you know the parts of a Suit?

Suits, the essential sartorial piece in any man’s wardrobe, not only embrace finesse and style but also define ones taste. The right suit will always be constructed using the finest of the fine, marked by impeccable craftsmanship and exquisite fabrics, resulting in a beautiful fit and fall.

Needless to say that a well-tailored suit can go a long way in a man’s wardrobe and hence, we’re here to break it down, bit by bit, to give you an understanding of what comprises your suit pieces.

We’re limiting ourselves to the building blocks of every suit, but if that’s not enough, visit the Tailorman website to design your own custom suit.

Suit Jacket Breakdown

Just as no shirt is complete without a collar, a suit lapel defines and accentuates your upper torso. Ideally, this rule applies to all lapels; A broader style is more suitable for wider torso’s, a regular lapel is more suited for a rectangular body frame, and a slim lapel is ideal for lean body types.

A lot can be said about a man who understands his fit and style. The choice between a single breasted style v/s a double-breasted jacket is purely based on understanding one’s body frame and the current suit trends. Double breasted suits are associated mostly with casual or resort wear, whereas a 2 button notch is a wardrobe staple.

A utilitarian style statement, the pocket can add the much needed personal touch to your suit jacket. You can choose to pipe your pockets or use a contrast fabric for a custom appeal.

As the season demands a shift from heavyweight jackets to lighter designs, the construction of your suit is the one thing that can help beat the weather. Half constructed jackets are ideal for the summer season- lightly padded, half lined, breathable fabrics are the way to go, this time around.

When you want your custom men’s suit to stand out, every minute detail counts. Kiss buttons are buttons that slightly touch each other and overlapped buttons are buttons that stack up on one another.

A testament to style and class, a well-tailored tuxedo jacket is a premium wardrobe addition for all evening revelries. A traditional shawl collar is a safe bet in the tuxedo world but if you’re looking for a more modern cut or color, we suggest trying the ford lapel.

Suit Trouser Breakdown

A well-tailored fit allows room for movement and sits comfortably around the crotch region.

Keeping your trouser in place, no formal trouser can do without a well-adjusted waistband. Loops, no loops; choose the style that works for you best.

Understanding your trouser hem can go a long way in defining the fall of your well-tailored bottoms. A cuffed hem adds a more structured, stiffer appeal to your trouser.

Trousers have evolved from double pleats to flat-fronts as men learn more about their body types. Double pleats are more ideal for slimmer body frames as they add bulk to the hip region, whereas flat-fronts don a more casual appeal.

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