Statement Shirts Beyond The Staples

You’ve got the basics – a few full-sleeved dress shirts in the essential neutral colours (black, white, grey), both with prints and without. But a wardrobe is only relevant when it’s evolving to constantly reflect different facets of the wearer’s personality. Besides, you want to keep your look fresh and add a surprise element every once in a while. These are the statement dress shirts you need to own in order to achieve these fashion goals.

The work of art: A statement piece that has a bold element, whether that’s the cut, fit or pattern. Think asymmetric or deconstructed designs and bold embellishments. For example, patchwork fabrics, asymmetric arrangement of buttons and collars, oversized sleeves or cuffs, irregular seams, or even a trippy print – let your shirt do the talking and act as a conversation starter.

Wear it to: Fashion weeks and art exhibitions, where you’ll be seen (and photographed) socializing with the glitterati.

We recommend: It’s easiest to go wrong in this category, so get a trusted opinion first.

The colour you wouldn’t normally wear: All great fashion involves taking some risks and it’s worth pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to wear a colour that you’ve always had your eye on but never worked up the courage to try. This could be the trendy color of the season, or your favorite color that you just haven’t envisioned on a shirt. YOLO, be brave and carpe diem.

Wear it to: Birthday parties and more intimate events where you want to showcase your quirky sense of style.

We recommend: Start with a shade close to a colour you love wearing but which is markedly different, like mauve instead of purple or salmon instead of pink.

The million-dollar shirt: No, not one whose price tag quotes that figure but a go-to garment that you know makes you look and feel like the star of the show as soon as you put it on. Think of it as your superhero costume. Because you will have drab days when reaching for this winner will instantly act as a mood-lifter.

Wear it to: First dates

We recommend: A wide-striped shirt in a dark colour is great for an evening out and the lighter coloured equivalent will fit in at the beach or at brunch.

Pro tip: How you wear the shirt determines everything. Look confident and enjoy what you’re wearing, always. If a shirt doesn’t make you feel this way, maybe it’s a good idea to explore other options.

And finally don’t forget that even the most loveliest design can look like a disaster if the fitting is wrong. Therefore, consider buying a made to measure shirt. 

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