Sportsmen In Tailorman

Tailorman has had an challenging yet exciting time giving some of its favorite sportsmen an elevated suiting experience. Through the years we have had various associations with sportsmen from different sporting leagues, bringing together the world of sports & premium men’s fashion.

Last year, we announced our official partnership with India’s leading football club: Bangalore Football Club and crafted a perfectly fitted, made-to-measure, single-breasted wool jacket, with a notch lapel and a trim white piping, paired with a crisp white shirt making the team stand out as one of the only football clubs to ever partner with a premium menswear brand for their sartorial choices.

Through this collaboration, Tailorman went on to suit some of the finest men from the sporting world. The idea has always been to emphasize the importance of fit across all age groups, industries, and job roles.

Here are few of our favorite sportsmen, styled in Tailorman.

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