Six Dress Shirts You Must Have In Your Wardrobe

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If you work in a company that has a formal dress code, you may own a few dress shirts. But dress shirts can often end up looking monotonous if you don’t explore your options. That’s why we created a list of six dress shirts which can create the foundation for your dress shirt collection,

1.Classic white shirt

A solid white dress shirt with a classic collar and regular cuffs can lay the foundation on which you build your dress shirt collection. This is probably the most versatile shirt you’ll own since it can easily be worn with jeans, chinos, formal trousers and suits. Plus it goes with separates in all colors too. We suggest you for one in a medium weight fabric so that it can be worn year-round. Also, opt for one without pockets since the pockets don’t get used and a plain shirt front sits better under a suit.

2. White solid shirt with French cuffs

A white shirt with French cuffs can easily give you a break from the classic white shirt. They are especially appealing when you want to shine in a suit since the French cuffs (with cufflinks) and regular collar helps to frame the suit.

3. White shirt in fancy weave

Fancy weave shirts look solid from afar but display its subtle style element in close quarters. A herringbone pattern is a good place to start. Similarly, you can go for a dobby weave too. These look particularly good for evening wear, paired under a black suit.

4. Light blue dress shirt

We’re slowly moving into colors now. Traditionally dress shirts were typically available only in white. Therefore, colored dress shirts usually come in a limited range, namely light blue, light pink and lilac. And of these, a light blue dress shirt is the most versatile since it can easily be worn with all your suits. Once you have this, you can get one in light pink too.

5. A striped dress shirt

A blue and white dress shirt is an intrinsic part of the corporate dress code. Opt for one in thin blue stripes over a white background since it can be worn without you having to worry about the right tie or suit to match it. You can add a striped pink shirt too. Don’t go for contrast collars and cuffs in white just yet, since this is your dress shirt starter wardrobe, and therefore you want versatile pieces.

6. A checked dress shirt

Before you think this has anything to do with plaids, do understand that dress shirts always play it quietly. Therefore, a checked dress shirt can be in grey graph checks, light blue micro checks or a small red gingham check. You can opt for a check shirt with a button-down collar since check shirts usually spend more time in the smart casual wardrobe than the formal one.

And there you have it – the six dress shirts you can use to build your dress shirt collection. Do check out the Tailorman Foundation Shirt collection – 49 classic options for every occasion, custom made for you! But if you want to make your dress shirts really special, then go for a made to measure session at Tailorman and have your shirts tailored to your preferences.

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