Shirts for Men That Always Step Out In Style

We’re all accustomed to wardrobe must-have articles that have stormed the social media pages since New Year’s Eve. The colors of the season, the prints, the celebrity styles; Everything that can keep us intrigued and burn a hole in our precious pockets. This said, fashion to us in-expensive and abiding, and stocking up on pieces that build your wardrobe step-by-step is the absolute way to know you’ve spent well and right.


We’re talking to all the working professionals, business school achievers, managing directors, and business owners, who not only need a formal shirt in their wardrobe to look presentable and ready for business but also need to look sharp and prepared, even when the world’s not watching. The best way to achieve this impression is staying pressed in a crisp, tailored formal shirt that works well in the office and beyond, without much thought or effort.



The fit of a shirt is always subjective amoung us style ideators. The ideal fit is what keeps you comfortable and confident through the day and does not heed to most fashion norms. Again, while we do epitomize personal comfort, we believe there is always a right way to flatter your body shape. 

Slim Fit- This is a more ideal fit for lean and toned body shapes. The shirt shapes according to the body contours and gives your shirt a more next-to-skin appeal. For the healthier lot, we’d recommend against it as the uneven bulges can lead to a tighter, unappealing cling around the waist. 

Standard Fit- Now this is a far better option for the well-rounded men out there. It offers the right amount of contour, the right fall and gives a more toned town and tailored appeal to the look. This works for the leaner lot as well but not for the “too lean and rectangular” bunch. 


There are many factors that define a formal shirt, from the collars to the fabrics. We’re going to help you break it down one by one to help you prevent any future or further fashion oversights.

Formal Collars- Club collar, Cutaway collar, Spread collar, Wingtip, and Contrast collar (only for banker shirts)

Chest Pocket- One side chest pockets are considered formal. Pockets on both sides of the chest are traditionally considered informal. 

Formal Sleeve Cuff- French cuff, Double barrel cuff, Single barrel cuff

Hem- Straight hems are a standard feature for untucked shirts and hence are considered informal. Anything else works for the office space. 

Fabrics- While all fabrics work well at work, not all prints do. Avoid anything loud or eye soaring. Keep it minimal and keep it elegant. 


While there are no rules to how far you can go with your prints and patterns, here is a list of safer, classic, and traditional options that can never go wrong in the workspace.



As you all know, no look is ever complete without the right accessories. It’s important to play around with the right tie, cufflink, or even a luxury pen to keep your look fresh and formal. While we’re looking at accessories, it’s important to keep your complete look in mind. Pick colors that match a trim on your shirt, or choose tone-on-tone accessories for a subtle appeal- Either way, we leave it completely up to you. 

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