The Right Shirt Collars To Suit Your Face Shape

A collar not only defines a shirts formality, it also enhances your facial features at the same time. In essence, this means that getting your collar right is the most important step in choosing a shirt. To get the collars on-point, it is therefore important to understand your face shape.

How do we identify a face shape?

Typically a face shape is distinguished by the proportion of the width of the face to its length.

Just as there are numerous variations of collars, there are distinct number of face shapes but each fall under 4 main types – rectangle, square, round and diamond. Of the four, the rectangle is considered the ideal shape for men.

Round face

You have a round face if the width of your face is almost equal to its length, with a rounder chin. Collars that give the face an angular appeal or elongate the length are ideal for this shape. We recommend you try the classic collar or the standard point collar. These collars add a sharp cut to your otherwise rounded face. Make sure to avoid club collars or cutaway collars as they will make your face look fuller. 

Diamond face

A rounder version of the rectangle shape is the diamond. This shape, with its exaggerated chin, works perfectly well with the cutaway collar and spread collar. These collars help draw attention away from the noticeably pointed chin and hence help balance the face structure. Button downs and wing collars are not ideal for this shape as they draw attention to the lower half of the face and over emphasis the elongated look.

Square face

Just like the rectangle, the square shape is also considered good for men as it retains the angular appeal of the face.  As the shape lacks the required length, we suggest you try the button down or wing collar to draw attention to your chin area and hence balancing the overall appeal. Cutaway or spread collars are not ideal for this face shape as it will make the width of your face look wider and disproportionate to its length.

Rectangle face

This shape is not very different from the square face shape. Rectangle is considered the ideal shape for men, with its angular jawline and proportionate length to width ratio. Most collars work for this face shape but we believe curved cutaway and club collars are ideal as they do not draw attention away from your chiseled jawline and help highlight the sharp, angular appeal of your face.

We hope we’ve helped you get one step closer to a seamless shopping experience. A well informed shopper is a happy shopper, and that is exactly what we want for you. Now that you have a basic incite into the collar world, Shop Tailorman shirts today! Our range of collar styles for every face shape along with exciting prints and fabrics will surely amp your style quotient this season. 

To know more about different collar types or to get suggestions on your face shape, drop us a comment below and we’ll surely get back to you with some amazing styling tips.

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