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We’ve all seen the movie ‘The Intern’- Robert De Niro, the 70-year-old retiree who joins a fashion tech startup as a senior intern, starts his day by picking out a tailored suit and the accessories to match. While his associates don unpressed t-shirts, hoodies and denim, Robert aka Ben Whittaker diligently organizes his suit pieces every morning.

Another rightful example of workwear is exhibited in the movie ‘The Pursuit to Happiness’ where Will Smith, the struggling broker turns up to his interview in a paint soaked shirt and eventually transitions to a navy suit and a clean white shirt. While both the scenarios played out well for the characters, they directly or indirectly signify the unsaid rules of dressing up to work. 

These movies incidentally depict the environmental differences that define each workspace- where one may vary from casual to semi-formal, the other may demand a crisp tailored look if not a suit. If you’re not very sure about the norms of dressing up in your current workspace, use comparison as the natural rule of thumb. Look around and notice what the general style statements of your colleagues dictate and notch it up one step further from there.

“If you want to look professional, then you need to take your work wardrobe seriously. First, determine which dress code level is appropriate for the position you currently have and follow the +1 / -1 rule. “You can always dress one level higher, and it can even work to your advantage if you aspire to rise through the ranks. Jumping two levels higher, however, will just make you look overdressed. The only time you should dress one level down is on a casual Friday or other related events.“The Image of Leadership, Sylvie Di Giusto

Here are some pieces that we believe can elevate your office look. We’re going base up from boardroom efficient to casual Fridays.






The higher up the ladder you go, the more demanding your formal attire can get. You can keep it simple yet elegant by donning impeccably tailored pieces like a classic white shirt with single pleat trousers or you can level up in a charcoal grey sharkskin suit to your next board meeting. It’s mostly about what the occasion and environment demands and how you can play to your personal strengths when it comes to dressing to work.

Also, keep in mind, you can never go wrong with a well-tailored, custom ensemble. At Tailorman, our personalization options cater to the varied needs and occasions of our customers to tailor-make the ideal look. With over 2000 fabric options, 200 lining variations, and 100 button selections, our Made-to-Measure suits & shirts stand a class apart from the run-of-the-mill styles available in the market today.

In addition, our wardrobe and image consultants are highly skilled to handle the minute nuances that entail your wardrobe needs. To book an appointment with our team, you can drop us a mail on or call us on 1800 3000 1575.

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