Rediscovering The Black Tie Attire For Men

The black tie dress code has always been in vogue. And with the party season upon us, there’s reason to bring out all the bells and whistles. Follow our lead to don a suit or tuxedo for the next formal event on your calendar. We’ll even show you how to personalize the outfit and contemporise its signature old-world feel.

The Tuxedo: Cooler weather and end-of-year celebrations are the perfect combination to wear this timeless piece, with a waistcoat. Don’t shy away from the three-piece creation, paired with the classic white dress shirt, which strikes the perfect balance between formal and playful. For generations, the tuxedo has found a place at sit-down dinners, evening soirées, and galas, allowing the wearer to turn heads when they walk into a room and become the life of the party as the night progresses. Know what that feels like when you find your own superhero suit, either ready-to-wear or made-to-measure. Tailorman is where to start.
Wear it to New Year parties, cocktail nights

The accessories: A way to express personality, the right accessories can enhance a look. Suit or tuxedo, we recommend patent leather shoes. On a tuxedo, there’s room for extras like a cummerbund, satin lapels, and a trendy bowtie. With a suit, the tie allows for play with prints and color, as does a pocket square. Clever cufflinks say that you love the attention to detail.

The Suit: Finding a flawless suit is similar to shopping for diamonds. Pay attention to the cut, colour, carat, and clarity, where carat is the weight of the fabric and clarity is the final impression. During the winter, black and navy are the most popular colors for jackets and trousers, although dark greys are often a great choice too. Merino wool or wool-blend fabrics are best worn outside India, although they can be worn in the northern part of the country as well. Otherwise, pick heavy cotton fabrics.
Wear it to: Christmas parties, wedding receptions

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