Re-introducing the Pocket Square

Without a doubt, your ensembles become great with the addition of a pocket handkerchief. Lacking one, you cannot be considered fully dressed, much less well dressed.

Accessorizing is a major part of getting dressed. It not only completes the look but also gives it the ounce of edge that defines your personality and style. One such accessory is the “pocket square”. Unfortunately, this accessory had been tucked away in the back boxes of every closet for the past few years and is finally making a comeback after years of being considered gone!

Today, we have decided to pass on our knowledge of the do’s and don’ts, the how’s and folds of a pocket square to help you accessorize your suit better.  We believe every man should own at least one square in their wardrobe and we’re here to show you how to incorporate the pocket square into your everyday suit regime.


Well, nothing in fashion follows a hard and fast rule but we wouldn’t want you pairing your sandals with socks and similarly the same goes with ties as well. We want you to nail this accessory right from the prints to the way they should be folded. Let’s get them right by following 3 simple rules!

Rule 1# never wear your prints alike- Do not match them to your shirt, your pants or your tie. This accessory is meant to stand out, so blending it in only loses its very essence. Highlight them! Define them! If need be, go all out and make it your statement piece.

Rule 2# the folds speak. The laid-back fold, the formal fold or the keeping it casual fold. It’s like a story in itself. So make sure to get your message right when you choose it for a look. Every detail counts; Prints, fabric and fold.

The Final rule 3# embrace the square. A time in history, surely had a utilitarian purpose for this versatile accessory. But now, we consider the pocket square an undeniable addition to a gentlemen’s wardrobe. The most important step to putting any look together is confidence. Whether you choose to don bright hues or keep it simple, let this statement piece reflect your personality.

There are so many ways to shape this accessory to define your look. Formal or casual, fret not because we have a visual guide to help you get them right. We surely won’t tuck away this versatile accessory any longer. What about you? 



The Monsieur’s Guide to Pocket Square Matching

Pocket Squares


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