Party Essentials For Sophisticated Men

As the year comes to a close, your dates will fill up with social calls for Christmas, New Year’s and wedding festivities. A bit of planning and a solid sense of style is the magic mix that will see you through this busy time.


Contrary to popular belief, Christmas isn’t a good enough reason to indulge in gimmicky sweaters and red-white-green color combinations. While not  religious, there is a festive quality that marks the occasion, which we’d do well to reflect in attire, albiety stylishly. For Christmas lunch, pair chinos with a full-sleeved shirt in a light, solid colour, like blush and layer on a jacket towards the evening. Opt for darker colours like navy or charcoal grey if Church services are part of the plan.

New Year

The biggest party of the year is around the corner and priorities include getting your party-wardrobe ready. Depending on how formal the gathering promises to be, a tuxedo or black suit is in order. There are few rules in this space so even a cream or white jacket, for instance, paired with a dark tie and trousers can be quite striking. But if dance floors and strobe lights are on the programme, liven up the night with a windowpane suit. Or jazz up classic navy blue suits with statement watches and jewel tone shirts. But remember, you only need a little bit of these vibrant touches to make an impact, so accessorize in moderation. And let’s not forget the concept of the three-piece suit either. With the chilly weather, you finally have a good excuse to break out your waistcoats.

Weddings and dinner parties

Everyone is in the mood to party, and with the year drawing to a close, there’ a legitimate reason to. So either you’ll be invited to a wedding reception or friends and family will decide to throw a reunion or family feast, just because. Make sure you have the right pieces to dress the part. For casual or festive family and friend gatherings, think full-sleeved shirts in dark colours like raisin or mulberry and charcoal grey or black trousers to match. You’ll need a jacket if it’s an outdoors event, which can be dark as well. For something more formal like a wedding, we can’t recommend a Tailorman tuxedo enough. And what if it’s a less formal wedding event? A black suit and white shirt topped off with a bow tie will put you in the best-dressed list!

We hope you find these tips helpful. Maybe you’re looking at your existing wardrobe with fresh eyes. Maybe you’re contemplating adding a few more pieces to the mix. Either ways, it’s time to hustle, because the festivities are bound to begin any second now!

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