A guide to some seriously stylish and mindfully curated wardrobe options for 2019

With the start of the new year comes a chance to press the reset button on all things in your life that are stagnant and outdated, this holds good for your wardrobe too! With choices aplenty around us, we find ourselves in a new era where being mindful is the hottest new luxury. This year we are choosing quality over quantity, craftsmanship of tailoring and excellence of fabrics over the ‘trendy’ fast-fashion. We give you a guide to becoming a more discerning and directional shopper that has you bring your fashion A-game every time and makes you stand out in a crowd.


What you wear should be a composition of parts of your personality, experiences and details carefully curated about what you feel and want to express, put together in a beautiful tailor-made vision. A resurgence of old-school dandyism is in the air this year. A special emphasis is laid on tailor-made craftsmanship and the quality of fabrics with a wide range of options offering a different character for the more invested male shopper. Go crazy with your tuxedo styling options, suiting for evening-wear in bright colours, skinny formal pants, floral printed blazers and velvets, emerald greens, rich wine shades and camel.


Invest in the high-quality basics that you’re missing. Find your “uniform” with classics shirts, pants, suits and standard pieces that you wear most often and mix &match your accessories and outerwear. Avoid decision fatigue and free up your mornings by setting aside your basics for everyday wear that helps you leave behind overwhelm. This gives you an option to be more expressive and playful with how you pair these items with whatever makes sense for the day. Seek out top-quality essentials that’ll last a long time to complete your capsule wardrobe and make it genuinely wearable with items that work best for you. It’s also a way to become more eco-friendly and sustainable than going through endless low-quality, fast-fashion items.


Streetwear and Athleisure has been ruling the roast for the past few seasons and we are happy to see it taking a backseat this year. As a contrast, suits and blazers are paired with t-shirts, sweaters and leisure-wear as a new interpretation of the casual yet classic power-dressing look. Printed co-ordinates and classic two-piece sets paired with basic tees, more relaxed shapes in suits, and layering of the casual with the old-school fitted classics are some options to choose from.


A wardrobe refresh starts with looking at your wardrobe with fresh eyes and reusing pieces that have remained in your closet for the fear of how to wear them. In her new book, ‘You Are What You Wear’, Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner says that the majority of people wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. The “first in/last out” methodology will help you avoid this and have you maximize your already existing wardrobe. It’s a system of rotation where in after wearing a certain outfit, you hang it in the most remote corner of your wardrobe, which forces you to only see what you haven’t worn frequently thereby going through your entire collection and not just sticking to the same small percentage of your wardrobe every week.

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