Matching Your Undertones

Colours add to your personality, highlight your persona, and speaks volumes about your mood and aesthetics. The right colour coordinates help you elevate your individual style and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help you identify the key colours of the season and how you can make them work.

Let’s start with the very basics; Identify your undertone. Your undertone helps you determine the foundation shades that would best work with your skin tone. You could be of the same skin tone as a friend and yet have varying undertones. To start, the best way to identify your tone is via the VEIN TEST. Pay close attention to your forearm and identify yourself as Warm, Neutral or Cool.


Green / Olive veins – Warm undertone
The best colours to dress warm skin tones richly reflect nature. Go for brown, ivory and yellow-green. Reds, corals, ambers and golds also look stunning. If you are going for a cool-toned look, try warmer versions of cool colours like olive, orchid and violet-red.

Tonal / Yellowish – Neutral undertone
Your hybrid warm-cool colouring puts the whole rainbow in play but in general, it’s better to choose slightly softened shades, like muted reds, Creamsicle orange, mint lemon, and lavender. Ultra-bright hues, like magenta and electric blue, can overwhelm the balance in your complexion.

Blue / Purple – Cool undertone
Your predominantly blue undertones pair nicely with sea shades, as well as frosty purples and pinks, fresh greens, berry reds, cool greys, and crisp white. Use orange, tomato reds, and yellow sparingly. “Super-warm shades pop too much on a cool person, making it look as if the colour is wearing you”.

Step 2 is to identify your skin tone. Since India has a huge mix of geographical terrains the skin colours vary from region to region and thus all complexions are narrowed down to three most generic terms; Fair, Wheatish, and Dark. There are no hard and fast rules to how you should dress or pair your colours. We’d suggest donning what imbibes confidence in you and that’s always the right way to approach fashion. The difference lies in the tones you choose for yourself.

There are always multiple aspects to look into while dressing up apart from under and skin tones. You’re hair and eye colour also add impact to your overall look but don’t let that stop you from sporting your favourite hues.
When it comes to building your wardrobe, neutrals are the safest bet. The traditional colours compliment all skin tones and undertones. We’d suggest starting with the Tailorman selection of Made-to-Measure essentials. If you’re apprehensive about what works best for you, book an appointment with our Traveling Tailor team and they’ll help you find the right colour, style and design from the comfort of your home/ office or at one of our guide stores, while also getting you fitted for an impeccably tailored look. To book an appointment with our team email us at or call us on 1800 3000 1575.

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