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What we wear largely defines our personality and taste. Are you someone who sticks to classics, with your traditional cuts and colors, like a navy, 2 button, notch lapel suit, or someone who’s a little lanky with your style statement – Distressed jeans and a slogan tee? Well, we surely do not advocate the latter style for “men” but we do believe in educating the unaware, eager to learn lot on our blog.

This takes us to the one man set out to teach the gentlemanly codes of the world. It’s none other than Jeremy Brian from The Dapster Project. Jeremy in collaboration with Tailorman, held a private, by invitation only, session at one of our stores in Bangalore last month, teaching his dapster ways to our guests. The session was topped with a single malt tasting session with Paul John, the Indian Whiskey brand that’s been paving its roots Internationally. But, before we tell you all about our Paul John event, we had the chance to get together with Jeremy earlier this week, and our team learnt a whole lot about him and his personal sense of style.

1- How did the Dapster Project start out?

My interest in writing about men’s style started almost 2 decades ago in Australia. I had a blog back then, “The Uber Male,” (which is now closed), for men’s fashion and lifestyle. After years of writing for magazines and other style websites, I started the Dapster Project  in 2013 with the help of two friends – a photographer and a social media expert.

A friend ridiculed a sketch I once made of a man in a suit and called it a “dapper monster.” Dapster is a combination of those words but Urban Dictionary does a better job of describing it as a portmanteau of “dapper” and “hipster.”

2- What is the favourite piece of clothing you own?

A custom-made pair of khaki chinos with a double waistband. It was a design experiment with my tailor and he nailed the desired combination of fit, design, colour, fabric.

3- What has the journey in fashion been like so far?

Like a velvet jacket. Sometimes it looks incredible and often, it’s just too hot!

It’s great to witness the sudden mushrooming of stylists and style influences in India. Men needed to be convinced to make the effort ten years ago. Now, the bar is set quite high and guys are well aware of the benefits of dressing well.  

4- What do you believe is the one wardrobe must-have, and why?

A custom-fitted navy blue jacket. It is one of the most versatile pieces of men’s clothing.

5- One fashion fad that you believe should not have happened in the first place?

Socks with sandals. That combination with a pair of shorts looks extremely sloppy.

6- Do you believe your sense of style is a reflection of yourself?

Yes. The clothes you wear (and how you wear them) is a fairly predictable reflection of a person’s values. For instance, my minimalist lifestyle is reflected in my capsule wardrobe.

Conversely, you can use clothes to influence your mood. Wearing a suit always puts me in a professional/determined frame of mind.

7- Any fashion advice for young men starting out their careers?

Develop the confidence and habit to be the best dressed man in the room. Ignore other people ridiculing you for it. Shop less, shop quality. Have simple systems to organize your wardrobe and clear the clutter periodically.

We believe there is more to a person than meets the eye. Our School of Gentlemen define enigmatic, charismatic, hypnotic, and all such adjectives, that truly describe an eminent man. Since, this was our chance to dig deeper into Jeremy’s personal sphere, we took the liberty to ask him some questions outside fashion. Surely, he came up with some very interesting answers to keep us intrigued.

8- What is your favourite 90’s jam?

Kris Kross when I was 10 years old (I even tried wearing my pants reverse-side). Wouldn’t count them as a style inspiration 🙂

9- What were you like in high school?

Younger. Slightly awkward and always smartly dressed (those two things haven’t changed).

10- What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

A lady complaining to me about the cleanliness in the toilets at a coffee shop because she mistook me for the manager. Lesson: if you wear a suit and wear it well, you’re in charge.

11- What inspires you?

Bold vision. A thriving community.

12- What do you work toward in your free time?

Designing and making leather accessories. Learning German.

13- Who do you idolize in terms of fashion?

Gianni Agnelli, the late Italian industrialist/ owner of Fiat. His style had a sense of elegant nonchalance, what’s now described as ‘sprezzatura,’ (making the difficult look easy).

14- What did you want to grow up to be as a child?

An automobile engineer. I was obsessed with cars as a 3-year old. My young mind couldn’t verbalize it, so when people asked me that question, I would reply, “auto-driver.”

15- What did you take back from your masterclass at Tailorman?

Friendships with like-minded people. I value interactions and the masterclass was the perfect place to ask and be asked practical questions about men’s style.

I’m sure, that the Tailorman team feel a bit closer to Jeremy after this interview and we hope you do too. It’s always fun to know what our fashion bloggers do and feel during their spare time, while they are not out there influencing the world. If you would like to know more about men changing the world one suit at a time, stay tuned to the School of Gentlemen and stay stylish!

Read what Jeremy has to say about us at the Dapster Project.

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