A Few Good Reasons To Own A Tailorman Knit Blazer

Tailorman Knit Flex Blazer and ways to style it

Fluctuating weather can act like kryptonite to your most well-planned looks. What do you do when it’s too warm for a jacket, but too chilly for just a shirt or a T-shirt? Enter the Tailorman knit blazer for men.

Don’t let the word “blazer” intimidate you. The Tailorman knit blazer, also known as the Flex blazer, is the perfect layering option for the stylish man during transitional weather. The structured knit blazer straddles that tricky area between formal and casual dressing, making it a versatile piece of outerwear. That being said, the construction isn’t sloppy either.

The tailoring provides form stability, while the pockets, notch lapel, two button closures, etc., conform to classic styling. The fun elements are displayed in the lining, which can be customized.

Four ways to style the knit blazer

So how do you style this piece, because throwing it on without a second thought (though that’s exactly what it’s made for) won’t do it justice. Instead, here are three ways you can style it to get maximum mileage out of it.

Mix it with prints

Take a cue from the printed lining and wear it over a print shirt. Go for colors that complement the blazer, therefore think of your shirt as an accent since only a bit of it would be visible once the blazer is on. Dark denims in blue, black or grey complete the look.

Colorblock it

No, we’re not talking about the combination of bright separates that’s often used as an example to represent this trend. Instead, wear it over a neutral color T-shirt and trousers combo. Want to take the look up a notch? Replace the T-shirt with a turtleneck. Easy to nail and 100% on trend.

Add formal elements

If you like to experiment, then use this blazer over a denim shirt and chinos. But here’s the twist – add a tie and a pocket square!

Sexy basics

If you’re a lover of clean basics, then just consider wearing this blazer with your T-shirts, polo shirts, jeans, shirts, and trousers. It’ll automatically take the look from zero to a hundred in no time. When we said this blazer was versatile, we weren’t kidding.

Now that you’ve read till here, all we need to know is this – have you booked your blazer? Visit any of our store locations today and get your Flex blazer now!

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