How To Wear Smart Casuals To Work

how to wear smart casuals to work

There was a time not too long ago when working for a corporate meant dressing up in formals every day. Thanks to the tech boom and the popularity of relaxed work environments, nowadays you often find company employees coming to work wearing casuals, and sometimes, even sweats. Apart from organizations where the employees are expected to convey their professionalism through their clothing (like banking, government, and law), most companies don’t push for formals. However, this does not mean that you wear your favorite graphic t-shirts or saunter in wearing your gym clothes. Instead, the ideal dress code for such work environments is smart casuals, or as we like to call it, casual wear for grown-ups.

We already discussed the building blocks of a smart-casual wardrobe in an earlier post. Now, let’s see how that can be adapted to work.

Everyday 9-5

Smart casuals are elevated basics. Therefore the fit is impeccable, the fabrics are high quality and styling details are subtle. Smart casuals make you look professional yet approachable.

Tips: Pair a white, check or striped button-down shirt with tapered navy or black chinos. Keep your tan and khaki chinos for Fridays. If you do wish to wear them, balance them with an unstructured navy blazer. Similarly, keep your printed shirts for Fridays. Another look to try – wear shirts with dark wash denims and layer with knit blazers or fitted cardigans.

Don’t forget to add a navy blue and grey suit to your workwear options in case important conferences or business meetings crop up. This way you are really prepared.

Accessorize your looks with Derby shoes or Chelsea boots.

Friday dressing

Pretty much all companies now allow casual Fridays. Once again, this doesn’t mean regular casual wear, so no hoodies or graphic T-shirts or cargo pants.

Tips: Instead of your favorite graphic T-shirt, opt for polo T-shirts in solid colors. Pair it with your beige and khaki chinos. Alternatively, wear button-down plaid shirts with your chinos. You can top this look with a tweed or herringbone sports jacket. Similarly, you can wear round neck T-shirts with tailored joggers and blazers.

Complete the look with leather loafers or white sneakers.

Going out with the boys after work

Smart casuals transition well to non-work environments where you still have to look professional. Therefore, you can wear them to evening networking events or business cocktails or just an evening out getting to know the new guy who has just joined the group.

Tips: This is the time to break out your patterned separates, be it a Glen plaid blazer or a printed shirt worn with an unstructured blazer. If you want to take it up a notch, wear a suit but swap the shirt for a long-sleeve T-shirt.

Jazz up your look with suede Derbys or leather monk straps in brown or burgundy. If you feel your look is a bit too flashy, play it down with a pair of white sneakers (the pair that keeps on giving).

Office parties

Office parties are so important when it comes to making an impact on the office social scene we did an entire post on it. But that being said, we want to lay emphasis on the importance of looking professional. In other words, have fun but don’t forget that your boss is watching.

And there you have it – a quick overview of smart casual looks for work. Head to Tailorman stores to purchase your custom made chinos. For shirts, definitely explore the range of Foundation Shirts that cover everything from casuals to business formals. When it comes to slaying the smart casual look, it’s all about looking neat and tasteful. Therefore do get your clothes custom made whenever you can, and go easy on the colors and prints. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll do just fine.

Do you have any queries? Comment below or feel free to Whatsapp Tailorman on +91 9551112222 for a personal styling session.

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