How To Style The Menswear Classic – The Navy Blue Suit

Style Navy blue suits

Blue suits are one of the three fundamental suits that every man should possess in his wardrobe, the other two being the black and charcoal grey suits respectively. That being said, there are variations on the blue too. Let’s quickly go through the four popular blues:

  • Midnight blue – This is the most formal of all blues. It’s a great alternative to black for black tie events. For example, tuxedos often come in midnight blue.
  • Navy blue – The most popular blue of the lot. If you’re going to own only one blue suit, let it be the navy blue suit.
  • True blue – We suggest you get a true blue suit only after you get a navy blue suit. This is because it’s a memorable color and repeated wears will be noticed.
  • Light blue – A summery color for the hot months. Just like true blues, it’ll be noticed, and therefore should not form the foundation of your suit collection.

From the quick analysis above, it’s obvious that the most versatile blue of the lot is the navy blue. Therefore, definitely consider buying a made to measure navy blue suit. Below, we’ll give you tips on how to style the navy blue suit.

How can you style a navy blue suit?

Whether you wear suits to work daily depends a lot on your company’s dress code. Suits are a good investment for those who work in traditional careers like banking, investment, law, etc. However, a navy suit can work across the board and look just as good in more casual work environments.

Styling corporate looks using the navy blue suit:

Be it an important interview or a business meeting, navy suits won’t let you down. You can style navy blue suits for work in myriad ways with different shirts and ties. Here are some of the most popular combinations:

Style your navy blue suit with classic white, light blue and pink shirts. Ties that usually go with these shirts are black, navy, red, burgundy and pink. If you want to add pattern to the mix, we suggest thin stripes, micro prints or polka dots.

Another popular formal look is the blue on blue combo where you layer your navy blue suit over a light blue shirt. You can keep it formal with a textured navy blue tie.

Complete the look with dark brown or black shoes. Oxfords, brogues and monk straps are classic choices. Make sure that your belt matches your shoes.

We’ve discussed the rules of mixing patterns in a different post, but the main rule is to ensure that you don’t load your look with too many distracting details. E.g., if your shirt is loud, tone down the suit; if your tie and pocket square is patterned, then don’t wear heavy cufflinks and watches, etc.

Styling formal looks using the navy blue suit:

The navy blue suit, when styled correctly, can serve you well in formal occasions like black tie or black tie optional events. The rule of thumb is to stick to darker color shirts such as black, navy blue(for that blue on blue look) or charcoal grey. If you do opt for a white shirt, then tone it down with a charcoal grey tie and a complimentary pocket square. Complete the look with black shoes and belt, and a statement watch.

If you’re planning to wear your navy suit to a wedding, we suggest you wear a bowtie instead of a regular tie. If you do want to wear a tie, then opt for one in a pastel shade in keeping with the frivolity of the situation.

Styling casual looks using the navy blue suit:

Putting the words casual and suit in the same sentence may look like an oxymoron, but in this situation, it means business casual. And it can get even more relaxed based on the dress code. For shirts, you can experiment with gingham checks and florals, along with solid neutrals. If you’re wearing the shirts on their own, then leave the top two buttons unbuttoned. For the business casual look, ties and pocket squares are optional. There are those who take it to the next level and wear T-shirts instead of shirts. For shoes, you can wear leather shoes in Oxblood or burgundy, or opt for loafers or sneakers.

Now that you have all the tips needed, it’s time to invest in a good quality suit. We can’t stress enough on the importance of owning a tailor-made suit in a high quality fabric. We suggest you buy one in wool in a classic cut or head to Tailorman for a made to measure suit that’s perfect for you and your lifestyle.

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