How To Style A Grey Suit For Every Occasion

style grey suit

A grey suit is one of the three foundational suits every man should own, the other two being navy blue and black. This beautiful neutral can see you from boardroom to lounge with the right bit of styling, and is guaranteed to become your go-to suit for formal and semi-formal occasions. Sit tight, because this is going to be an exhaustive article on everything you need to know about owning and wearing grey suits.

What shade of grey suit should you buy?

All grey suits can be broadly classified into light grey, mid grey and dark grey suits.

  • Light grey suits are pale shades of grey that are more suited for semi-casual or semi-formal looks.
  • Mid grey is everything that falls between dark matte grey to light greys. These are usually worn for formal events.
  • Dark grey is everything in the dark grey to charcoal grey (this almost looks black) spectrum. These are most definitely worn formally.

Ideally, we’d want you to own all three. But if you can only own one grey suit, let it be a mid grey suit. This is one of the most corporate-friendly suits you can find, and can be worn for everything from interviews to management meets.

Now, let’s see how they can be adapted to various real life situations:

Styling corporate looks using the grey suit:

Grey suits shine in corporate settings. You can choose the shade of grey based on how formal you want to look. Mid grey suits are great for interviews, while dark grey suits are ideal for serious management meets.

Wear your solid grey suits with white, navy blue or light blue shirts. If you want to play with patterns, try graph checks and stripes. Ties can be in black, navy blue, burgundy, or deep purple. You can keep it solid matte or have small repeat prints. Complete your look with black or burgundy brown Oxford and derby shoes.

Styling formal looks using the grey suit:

When we speak about formal occasion outside of work, we mostly mean weddings and black-tie events. Grey suits should ideally be avoided for black-tie events, since even the most sombre grey suit will look out of place. However, you can wear a dark grey three piece suit to a party or event where you’re required to dress up.

Light grey suits are perfect for weddings, especially summer weddings. To make your light grey suit feel especially summery, pair it with pastel shirts and ties. For example, light grey shirt with white shirt and pastel yellow tie. A pocket square in the same color will be a charming addition too.

Complete the look with tan or light brown leather shoes, preferably monkstraps.

Styling casual and party looks using the grey suit:

Grey suits lend themselves well to semi-formal and semi-casual looks, but a few things need to be kept in mind.

For daytime, wear light grey suits with colorful gingham or small floral or quirky conversation print shirts. Wear it with a tie and pocket square in an accent color (color picked from the shirt). Finally, complete the look with tan brown Oxfords, boots or monk straps.

For the evening, we suggest you wear a mid grey suit with a black or navy blue shirt. Leave the top two buttons open and accessorise the look with a statement watch. Alternatively, wear a black or navy blue turtleneck. Complete the look with burgundy brown leather boots or black Oxfords. This way your ensemble looks edgy and sophisticated enough for clubbing.

We hope these tips come in handy next time you shop for a grey suit. The one thing to remember though is that grey suits have to fit beautifully since the stretching and bunching of a badly stitched suit will be more obvious with the light color. Therefore, we suggest you go for a made to measure suit, while getting the grey suit (or suits) you want.

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