Here’s How To Look Stylish On First Dates!

Asking a girl out was tough enough. Now comes the part where you have to impress her on your first date. We understand how important it is to get it right and your appearance plays a huge part here. Luckily, you can always count on Tailorman to come to your rescue. 

So shall we begin?

Work hard, play hard!

There isn’t a better night to look sleek than on date night! Work attire can be switched up into a date night look if you know how to work your suit pieces.

You may have to dress up a notch, but playing with details always helps accomplish a dapper look. The trousers and shirt can stay the same, but ditch your office suit jacket and replace it with a dark maroon, navy blue or mauve blazer(make sure they complement the shirt). The addition of color gives you a casual yet stylish look. Set your tie loose or lose the tie, depending on what you’re more comfortable with. Maybe carry a spare tie to work and replace your work tie with one that has patterns to turn your look around. Give the Oxford shoes a last minute shine and you’re good to go. 

Don’t forget to add a dash of cologne, freshen up your face, ruffle up your hair to transcend from young entrepreneur to Mr. Charming!

The Sunday afternoon brunch date

The Sunday afternoon look allows a man to work his laid back personality into his attire. Opt for lighter color hues which work well during daytime like powder,  stone blue, off-white or olive.

An easy breezy go-to look could be a pair of chinos with a printed casual shirt for a laid-back look. Alternatively, wear linen button down shirt for a more classic feel. Complete the brunch look with the right pair of casual shoes like suede loafers or round toed Oxfords.

Tailorman Tip: Opt for lighter hues during daytime and darker hues for after hours. This rule can guide you while choosing the appropriate look according to the time of the date. 

Glamourous night out

These dates are the ones where you dress to kill! You want to look voguish, because you’re either taking her to that fine dining restaurant by the pool or a posh rooftop lounge bar.

A well tailored suit is a great option for such dates!

Don’t blend into the background by choosing a regular black suit and shirt look as it may come off as too predictably corporate and boring. If you must go for classic black, then keep things sexy with a black fitted shirt. Allow yourself to add personal touches by integrating a fun patterned or colored pocket square into your look. Alternatively, wear a T-shirt instead of a shirt. Complete the look with leather boots. 

Tailorman Tip: if you feel that a suit is absolutely necessary for the date, go right ahead, but most first dates don’t call for such formality. Have fun with your look! Experiment!

We’ve given you a wide range of look options to choose from. But, the most important thing when it comes to clothes is good fit and comfort. When you’re comfortable, you feel confident and at ease and that is a great way to present yourself to your date. Therefore, we suggest you go in for a made to measure garments. Whether you choose a casual daytime date or a romantic candle-lit dinner, we know what’s the best look for you! If you need more personalized styling advice, don’t forget to drop us a comment below and we’ll dive right in to prep you up for your special day!

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