How Formal Is Your Collar?

Customizing your shirt may seem like an endless toil if you’re a first timer who lacks the proper guidance needed to proceed with every detail. Yet, nothing matches the dismay when the final shirt design doesn’t look as good or lasts as long. We’ve noticed, most of our customers come to us for their workwear needs: the primal place to look sharp and tailored-up, and that’s why we’ve decided to get into the particulars bit by bit- Starting with your shirt collar. 
In the previous article- Shirts That Work, we brushed through every attribute that defines your work shirt. Today, we’re going to define each element in detail. 

Cutaway Collar 

With the widest spread, the cutaway collar is intended for all formal occasions. This collar may not be for everyone with its wider front and shorter point. Depending on your shirt type- a cutaway collar can exude essential formality or can look justifiably dressy. It looks great with a jacket or a suit and when tied with a very large tie knot.

Spread Collar

A versatile classic particularly suitable for men who like to wear ties.- Similar to the cutaway but slightly smaller, shorter and wider. Designed to work well with both medium and large tie knots, the spread collar is a better choice for tall men with longer necks who want an office-appropriate look. The spread is relatively small, so the collar also favors men with wider or rounder faces.

Classic Collar

The narrowest spread among other collars, the classic collar has been around as long as men have been wearing jackets and ties. Traditionally these work perfectly for medium to small tie knots. Its narrower point has a visually slimming effect, which works well for rounder faces or wide necks.

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