The Perfect Shirt To Gift For Every Occasion

As the year comes to a close and the festive season draws closer, we slowly enter that period when we have to find great gifts for everyone. While men can often be the hardest to pick the right gift for, nine times out of ten, a high-quality shirt will be a winner. Whether getting dressed for the office or an evening out, there’s a shirt for every occasion, and everything in between. This curated gift guide is all you need to get your holiday shopping under way. And you can use this list for just about anyone – even yourself!

Formal shirts 

Neutral shades, tiny repeat prints, graph checks and thin stripes are suited for the office, and they’re ideal for everything from interviews to management meets. But sometimes, when important business matters are discussed over dinner and drinks, and you have to go from boardroom to lounge, we recommend a formal dobby dress shirt in a colour like charcoal grey. It’s formal by day and transitions effortlessly for those meetings that extend past working hours.

Business casual shirts

On Fridays or in creative work environments, business casual shirts in patterns like gingham or a fun conversation print give you an opportunity to reveal your personal sense of style, while still adhering to the company dress code.

Evening wear shirts

Dark colour shirts always work well for an evening out. At a nightclub or a fancy dinner, an evening wear shirt in a dark solid like oxblood, black or navy blue look great. A more casual dinner with friends or the movies and a colour like lighter-than-pastel pink will do the job. When outside the office, the right shirt is still serious business.

Travel shirts

While on the road, travel friendly shirts like linen shirts in colours like beige or in tiny conversation prints spell effortless comfort in a soft breathable fabric. Such shirts are ideal for the beach, a luxury resort or while traveling. If headed to cooler weather, opt for full-sleeve casual shirts in a heavier cotton.

Casual shirts

Some days come with no particular agenda, and call for relaxing and bonding with loved ones. On days when you just feel like lounging at home, playing with the kids, brunch with friends or family, slip into a casual shirt like a classic white Oxford shirt. If you like patterns and prints, then try plaids and floral prints. It’s your day off and you get to decide the dress code!

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