Fashion Detox – Building a Capsule Wardrobe

In a world of rising temperatures and dying crafts, conscious buying is more than just a statement, it’s a necessity. In fact, 10% of the global carbon emissions and 25% of the total chemicals used around the world are from the textile industry alone, and around 5000 gallons of water is used to manufacture one t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

With the high impact of every purchase, it’s time we change our approach to shopping and note the importance of building a sustainable wardrobe.

Where to begin? The key to building a staple wardrobe is eliminating what you don’t need and investing in practical and versatile pieces. This requires more thought and selection than one may presume.

Let’s start the process by emptying out the stock and asking few basic questions-

1- Have I worn it in the last year?

2- Does it fit my day-to-day lifestyle?

3- Does it go with my other clothing?

4- Do I LOVE it?

Once you do have the answers down to the point, let’s start the elimination process.

Keep what you use – We all have certain garments in our wardrobe that we wear regularly. Probably because they make it to the top of the pile post laundry day, or we look great in the colour, or they fit just right. Whatever the reason may be, keep them.

Keep what you need – Now this may be a little more tricky. These are those occasion specific pieces that you whip out once a year. Like a tuxedo or a sherwani for those big Indian weddings.

Keep these too, unless you’ve outgrown them or completely feel the need to invest in a new ensemble.

Keeping a wishlist– Ideally, this is not a practice most men follow but this can really change your approach to shopping. Create a must-have list of versatile pieces for your wardrobe and build up from there. The best way to go about this is by browsing through your favourite brands or reading articles on wardrobe essentials. Make a mental note of things you love or need and shop them the next time you head out.

Building a sustainable wardrobe takes months or even years. And that’s okay as long as you love and wear every piece in your wardrobe. The way we look at it – The more efficient and practical your wardrobe, the less mindshare you need to put in to pick out your everyday looks.

You may have heard of CEO’s and Managers (taking Steve Jobs as an iconic example) who wear the same outfit throughout the year. The common idea behind this exercise is directing your attention and energy towards the more important, functional aspects of life. Whether you choose to detox your wardrobe of those impotent pieces or follow the school uniform approach, we suggest considering practical, versatile, and quality pieces for your wardrobe.

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