Dress your way into a job with this mens office wear wardrobe

We’re sure most of you reading this article today understand what entails a job interview. The nerve-racking experience of facing the interviewer and handing over the steering wheel of your future job in the hands of someone completely set out to judge you. In a situation like this, looking your best may as well be one of your weapons to score that dream job or at least get the right attention.

Start by dressing smart, fresh and polished. Take pride in yourself. An employer may just be seeking an urbane, confident man to join his team, so let your appearance do the talking for you.

Play By The Rules

When deciding on a suit for an interview, avoid pinstripes or plaid finishes and opt for a standard two-piece business suit in simple patterns.

Settle for a charcoal, dark cobalt blue, darker hue of navy or a classic grey suit, that are distinctive and not a run off the mill. Alternatively, opting for a classic black suit may seem right but could also appear overly formal and serious, and might we add – a tad bit boring!

Fit The Bill

The cut and fit of the suit you wear is easily the most important factor. Avoid borrowing an ill-fitted suit from a friend, it’ll only make you appear unprepared. Invest in a good suit early on in your career.

A suit too big will make you appear shoddy, while a suit too small will definitely make you appear uncomfortable. Opt for a tailored suit from Tailorman’s Made-to-Measure designs to bring out the young professional in you.

Shirts First

Did you know that even the most unassuming employers notice a prospective employee’s wardrobe choices?

When applying for an entry-level position, avoid heavy contrast shirts or superior collars as you may risk coming off too strong, overconfident, and in the wrong place.

While a crisp white shirt is a safe option we would suggest you opt for a powder blue, lime pastel or even mauve, as it showcases a little more of your personality when meeting a prospective employer. Don’t settle for cliché wardrobe choices.

Choose from a wide range of Formal Shirts from Tailorman. We love the Grey Sullivan paired with the Blue Nanney

The finer details

To attain a freshly groomed look, a man should pay attention to the details. While being interviewed, the little details say more about you than you think.

1 – Ensure your facial hair is well maintained and your hair-do is neat and styled. Also, the tie you opt for will help set the tone of your personality, so choose wisely. A complimentary tie that doesn’t contrast or clash with the color of your shirt is a good choice. Go for a classic tie, nothing too skinny, please! Avoid too much pattern or color and ensure it balances out your chosen suit.

2 – Wear shoes that are neatly polished and abrasion free. Your shoes must match your belt, there are no shortcuts here. Socks should match your trousers and shouldn’t be white under any circumstance.

3 – You want your employer to remember you long after you’ve left the room but we suggest you don’t hose yourself in cologne. Last but not least, ensure your breath is fresh, keep few mints in hand.

Your sharp looks will just add to your preparedness and confidence in landing you your next job target Don’t lose it, own it!

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