Dress for the role with Custom Suits

At Tailorman, we strongly believe your first impression is never your last impression. We’re all about turning the traditional norms around and playing up our strengths. So, if you haven’t gotten your work wardrobe right over the past few years, it’s about time we change that. Channel your inner entrepreneur or creative and dress for the role this season.

The Young Entrepreneur- Every young entrepreneur should adopt a style that suits him and makes him stand out from the crowd. We’d suggest, pairing up an oxford shirt with a pair of dark chinos. It looks well-put and can be turned up a notch by tucking the shirt in and adding a well-tailored, slim-fit blazer for some of those investor/client meets.







The C Suite- Exude the confidence and power of a successful CEO. With a sea of brands and styles to choose from, it can be a daunting experience to shop the perfect executive look. We’d suggest picking clothes according to your body frame and height. A custom-tailored suit is THE way forward, in our opinion- a well-tailored suit automatically portrays sophistication and poise. 







The Senior Managers- Navigate the new rules of the office style. Solid colored shirts like whites, light blues, crepe pinks make good investments as they are apt for formal presentations and client meetings.

For your day-to-day office wardrobe add some vibrancy with brighter colored shirts, stripes, and checkered patterns. You should also consider investing in a pair of well-tailored trousers. Navy, khaki, grey or black chinos are also a smart wardrobe choice.

We at Tailorman can help you get that impeccable – tailored look from the comfort of your home/office. If your office environment demands a more formal environment stick with trousers and solid or micro-patterned shirts, which you can pair with an elegantly printed tie. A respectable yet approachable ensemble is expected, as a senior manager.



The Techies-  Silicon Valley is well known for its carefree, casual attire. Breaking stereotypes and getting creative with your outfit is what we suggest. Replace those ripped jeans with a pair of chinos, and those quirky T-shirts with a chambray or oxford shirt. You can also play around with checkered patterns like gingham, dobby, diamond checks etc. Keep it casual yet stylish, in the summers by rolling up your sleeves.






The Creatives- For creative office environments ‘smart casuals’ are often encouraged. A smart casual dress code gives way to a versatile range of options. Looking sharp yet, thinking comfortable is key in acing this look. In our opinion, a blazer is a classic way to keep it simple yet stylish. Wear a lightweight blazer, with/without shoulder pads. Follow the principle of smart first, casual second to nail this look.







There are many unspoken rules when it comes to achieving the perfect work wardrobe. Talk to your tailor and get professional assistance. Book an appointment with our traveling tailor, and they will help you find the perfect colour, style, and design from the comfort of your home/office or at one of our showrooms.

To book an appointment with our team email us at care@blog.tailorman.com or call us on 1800 3000 1575.

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