The Difference Between Slim Fit And Regular Fit Shirts

slim fit vs regular fit shirts

There’s no debate to the fact that the two most popular types of shirts for men are the regular and slim fit shirts. That being said, most men do face a dilemma when choosing between the two. Let’s find out why.

Slim fit shirts are in trend nowadays, and with more men taking care of their bodies in an effort to show it off, slim fit shirts are becoming a go-to option. But just because it’s in trend does not mean it’s perfect for everyone, even those with toned physiques. And if you want a fitted shirt, slim fit isn’t your only option.

Most men confuse regular fit shirts for relaxed fit shirts. And therefore, when they require a shirt that needs to be tucked in (dress shirts for office wear, for example), they opt for slim fits, thinking it won’t look billowy. But the truth is that regular fit shirts can be tapered to skim your body. This still leaves plenty of room to breathe without big.

So let’s look at the difference at the construction level.


Slim fit shirts are usually tapered, with darts in the back (and sometimes the front too) to conform to narrow waist. Some even come with a curved fit along the sides. Most slim fit shirts often have tighter sleeves than other shirt fits too. Though slim fit shirts are made with 100% cotton, the most comfortable ones usually have lycra for added stretch.

Regular fit shirts have an airy feel without being boxy. They don’t have darts, though a tapered finish can be given by taking in the side seams. They’re more generously cut over the chest and waistlines too. Regular fit shirts can be made of 100% cotton with no added stretch.

Despite the difference in construction, both shirt fits should feel comfortable to wear and move in, or else the tailoring is off. Plus, both these fits look good tucked in with no excess material draping over the belt.

Body types:

To make things easier, let’s look at the kind of body types these shirts are best suited for.

If you’re lean or “skinny”, then slim fits are perfect for you. People with this body type have a tendency to find tucked-in shirts spilling out, giving a muffin-like appearance, and slim fits are a smart alternative. Similarly, if you’re short and lean, a slim fit shirt will look great on you.

On the other hand, if you have a regular toned physique, then a slim fit shirt can fit you less like a glove and more like sausage casing. For everyone who falls in the slightly overweight to average to toned physique spectrum, the regular fit shirt will do nicely.

We can’t stress how important it is to get great fitting shirts; they look great, feel comfortable without all the stretching or bunching and they last longer too. Therefore, when going for ready made shirts, you’ll have to choose the shirt brand that gives you the right fit via trial and error. Therefore, we recommend you giver made to measure shirts a try, especially if you’re very particular about fit and comfort.

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