Devrath Vijay – The Fitness Ninja

Fitness has become such an eminent part of our everyday lives. The culture in Bangalore dictates a healthy balance between work and recreation. What strikes the millennial chords are the varied options that help them curate their fitness regime. The possibility to choose from a multitude of sessions like zumba, body combat, tabatha, power yoga and the likes, all under one roof. One man saw this as an opportunity to break out of his 9-5 grind and spread the concept of functional fitness; the ability to use your everyday body movements to emphasize core stability and train your muscles to work together.

Devrath was just another techie in this urban city but with a dream to make a difference. Now one of the most sought-after trainers in Bangalore and founder of ‘The Outfit’, Devrath is currently traveling across the globe to spread his fitness philosophy and learn from some of the finest international coaches. A true reflection of an Indian man who risks it all for passion and grit, Devrath believes fitness is a way of life. It’s not about the sweat or the ripped muscles but about functional body movements, using your core muscles to build strength and endurance. Just as Tailorman, he too is an advocate of fit and form. His discipline and dedication towards strength and conditioning has driven his organic followership on social media and definitely left a ripple in fitness institutions as he trains and certifies trainers across the country.

We had the unique opportunity to chat with Devrath, suited in a ready-to-wear suit from Tailorman’s new western-wear collection. He surely didn’t fail to leave an impression with his grounded wit and charismatic confidence, and here’s a bit from our one-on-one with the fitness ninja who’s shaping the fitness world, one squat at a time. 

How did the idea of ‘The Outfit’ come about?
I believe it all started with my passion to spread functional fitness across the country, and now across the globe.

What does the gym mean to you?
It’s a fitness haven where we educate people on functional movements rather than just making them sweat.
What was the transition from a regular corporate job to a full-time fitness coach like?
It came very naturally to me like it was meant to happen. Life’s too short to not make things happen for yourself.
What was the initial motivation to get fit?
To explore all the amazing things the body is capable of.
Did you ever picture yourself taking up fitness coaching as a career?
Yes, this was my natural calling; the end goal.
What are the different forms that you specialize in?
I specialize in Functional Training, Calisthenics, Kettlebell and Animal Flow.
Where do you vision yourself 5 years from now? Or what is the end goal?
To learn from the best teachers around the world and spread knowledge in India.
A philosophy that drives your approach to life
The Law Of Attraction.
A quote that drives your life motto
“If there is a lack in your life, it is because there is a lack in your thoughts.” – Robin Sharma
Describe your passion in one word
Learn and teach.
Describe yourself in one word
I’m a Seeker.
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