Coffee Destination Handbook

A good Cup O’Joe means so much more than just a regular beverage, it can build lasting connections, bring people together and help you explore different cultures. The caffeine flavour that satisfies your palette may vary, but its origin doesn’t, so sit back and enjoy this article, while you sip on that delicious cup of coffee and picture your next trip.

Coffee Yatra Museum, India
For this first destination, you need not look too far, a 6-hour drive from Bangalore leading up to the Chikmagalur coffee museum is a must-see for every coffee lover. The Coffee Museum is a unique summary of the coffee business, right from growing to the brewing of the beans. The museum outlines the ancient history of the coffee bean, the different kinds of coffee, the origin and evolution of coffee and its processes. A laboratory where you can observe the grinding and the equipment used for processing coffee is shown by an in-house expert inside the museum. Except for a coffee tasting experience, it gives you an all-inclusive experience.

Coffee Spa, Japan
The yunessun spa in Japan lets you take a dip in real coffee, if you think this is coloured water, you are mistaken. The coffee is brewed in pots and poured into the pool barrel-by-barrel. Baths can be both relaxing and fun but Yunessun has finally created baths that can make people hungry. The spa theme park also lets you take a dip in Red Wine, Ramen Noodles and Green Tea, Yunessun also has seasonal specials sometimes. These pools of coffee and Red wine are supposed to have rejuvenating properties.

Coffee Tour, Ethiopia
Ethiopia is universally referred to as the birthplace of coffee, it provides some of the best coffee in the world- it’s fruity, floral and acidic. Explore Ethiopia’s three main coffee-growing regions (Harrar, Ghimbi and Sidamo) and enjoy coffee tastings and ceremonies. You can also visit the national coffee processing centre and camp in the heart of the Ethiopian coffee fields like a true native of the land.

New York Coffee Festival, New York
The New York Coffee Festival is one of the biggest coffee events with its entire profits going to charity. This year, the festival is back on October 12-14, 2018. The New York Coffee Festival is a festival of culture. Visitors enjoy endless free coffee tastings, interactive workshops, demonstrations from world-class baristas, delicious street food, coffee cocktails, live music, art and more.

Apart from these enthralling destinations if you want the authentic, unique and finest coffees then here is the list of the countries you should explore- Austria, Australia, Cambodia, Cuba, Germany,  Italy, Turkey, Denmark, Greece, Hawaii, Peru and France.

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