Menswear styles don’t usually follow the fashion curve or change with on-going trends. They tend to have their own set of rules, across ages, with few subtle tweaks here and now. The major play to any garment is in its detailing. Whether we choose a custom tailored piece or an off-the-rack pick, it’s not only the fabric or pattern that highlight our personality but also our understanding of the styling details that work the best for us.

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Like it or not, the US President has had a big influence on fashion’s new mood. Donald Trump has been a legitimate bomb of controversies ever since his decision to run for president. Much like majority of the world we’re surprised that he’s made it this far but what’s even more amusing is the mammoth effect of his words and actions globally. This maybe his 2nd year of reigning over the land of dreams but his presidency has affected the world in more ways than one.

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It’s a brand new year and we’re sure you’ve made a list of resolutions for the months ahead. While your list includes losing 20 pounds and reading a book every month, we’re well aware that most of these resolutions never really see the light through the year.
New year is the perfect time to redefine your sense of style and since we know a thing or two about dressing up, we’ve noted 8 easy peasy ways to keep your New Year resolution and improve your sense of style in 2018. We promise these tips are easy on your wallet and even easier to keep up with. 

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Starting this Christmas, New Year is only 7 days away. We are using this as just another excuse to get decked up, ready to partaayy! As Christmas marks the beginning of a new week, we’ve decided to put our weekly style guide to good use.

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Without doubt your ensembles become great with the addition of a pocket handkerchief. Lacking one, you cannot be considered fully dressed, much less well dressed.

Accessorizing is a major part of getting dressed. It not only completes the look but also gives it the ounce of edge that defines your personality and style. One such accessory is the “pocket square”. Unfortunately, this accessory had been tucked away in the back boxes of every closet for the past few years and is finally making a comeback after years of being considered gone!

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For most men, knotting a tie instantly means the “Four in hand”. It’s traditional, safe and easy to knot. But we never follow the traditional route at Trims and Measures. As an accessory, a tie plays as important a role as your belt or pair of shoes. With this article we want to show you different ways to keep your tie game interesting and accentuate your everyday look. 

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We understand how important it is to get the first date right. You can always count on us to come to your rescue. Whether you choose a casual daytime date or a romantic candle lit dinner, we know what is best for you! If you need more personalized styling advice, don’t forget to drop us a comment below and we’ll dive right in to prep you up for your special day!

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A collar not only defines a shirts formality, it also enhances your facial features at the same time. In essence, this means that getting your collar right is the most important step in designing a shirt. To get the collars on-point it is first important to understand your face shape, so let’s answer the most basic question. How do we identify a face shape? Typically a face shape is distinguished by the proportion of the width of the face to its length.

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