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The day you graduated from business school, got your first job and later, your first promotion, were all major milestones. But perhaps none are as public as your wedding day. While it’s true that most guests will have their eyes on the bride, your look as the groom is just as important since you’ll be sharing the spotlight with her and the wedding photos will last forever. To make sure you step out in style for all the wedding ceremonies on your big day, just follow our simple guidelines.

Main wedding ceremony

dress for groom

If you choose to go traditional for a religious ceremony, a kurta-pyjama combination is a hassle-free option. Pair it with a Nehru jacket for a more formal look. Swapping the pyjamas for a dhoti helps recreate an ensemble with a bit of old-world charm. If the weather gets nippy, you can drape a shawl over your shoulders. This will at once be both practical and elegant.

While traditional attire is popular, it’s not uncommon for grooms today to choose a trendy look for their marriage rites. A full-sleeve cotton shirt with a tiny paisley print paired with cotton trousers, and topped with a Nehru jacket can be a great alternative to a tip to toe ethnic look.

Christian weddings are usually held during the day, therefore a light grey or navy blue suit would look appropriate. If the weather is chilly, go for a three piece suit. Accessorise with pastel ties in keeping with the daytime ceremonies.


dress for groom

Let the party commence! This is your chance to shine! Your wedding theme will decide if it’s formal or black-tie. If it’s a black-tie event, opt for a black or midnight blue tuxedo. On the other hand, a well-tailored black suit paired with a white shirt and black bow tie will look formal enough for the wedding while still being less formal than a tuxedo. And let’s not forget day time receptions either – if you’re having a more relaxed daytime event, a linen suit will look perfect. All three options will make you feel confident and turn out to be good investments in the long term.

If your wedding has a strong Indian theme, then definitely opt for a sherwani or shirt, trouser and bandhgala combo. Sophisticated and timeless without being boring, you can personalise each with accessories like statement buttons or a brooch. These too can be matched to complement your partner’s outfit.

Cocktail night

dress for groom

You want something that’s comfortable and lets you move freely on the dance floor. Pick a shirt  in a dark jewel tone like maroon or deep blue, which will look great under the lights. Alternatively, look sharp and edgy in a black shirt paired with a black suit.

Final touches:

Let’s not forget the little details that makes wedding ensembles more memorable. For example, echo your partner’s outfit in the shade of your tie or pocket square. Get your wedding dates monogrammed onto your suit linings. Add subtle signature elements like patterned socks, a watch that belonged to someone who’s important to you, cufflinks and tie pins that showcase your sensibilities, your partners favorite flower in your boutonniere, etc. Work with the theme and partners look for a well-turned out look. And yes, consider getting made to measure suits for all the men in the wedding party – your groomsmen, father, siblings, important relatives etc. This way, everyone has their best look forward.

As you can see, there are umpteen options for the man who wants to look his best on his big day. You can opt for Tailorman Wedding Services if you want to dress up the entire wedding party, so that even the groomsmen look on-point.

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Diwali gifting for men

Diwali is fast approaching and you may have already recieved a few invites for Diwali parties and events. Now all you have to do is dress well and land up on the appointed hour with the right gift.

Most people associate Diwali gifts with nuts and sweets, but sometimes that’s just not enough. Especially so when you want to give the person something memorable and unique. This becomes even more challenging when the person in question is a man with discerning taste. That’s why we curated a list of tasteful gifts that you can give the sophisticated men in your life with pride.

1) Tailorman gift card

A Tailorman gift card would be appreciated by any man who is very particular about the clothes they wear. If you want the receiver to get a taste of what Tailorman has to offer, or shop till they drop, Tailorman gift cards offer something for every budget. These cards can be redeemed for both ready to wear or made to measure clothes. Get one from a showroom near you.

2) Bandhgala

A bandhgala is a timeless piece that can be worn for years to come and even passed on to the next generation. A ready to wear Tailorman bandhgala is tailored to perfection, with it’s classic five button placket, full lining, lightly padded shoulders and two side vents. To complete the look, purchase a Mandarin collar shirt and trousers too.

3) Nehru jackets

Like the bandhgala, the Nehru jacket is a classic piece of Indian ethnic wear that can be added to every man’s wardrobe. Tailorman Nehru jackets come in both neutral and pastel shades so you’re sure to find something that suits every taste.

4) Monogrammed shirts

Forget designer labels, and instead choose monogram shirts for your loved ones. If the man is close to you, say a spouse or family member, and you are familiar with their shirt sizes measurements and styling preferences, you can gift them a shirt from the Tailorman Design Your Own category. One of the delightful aspects of this is the additional monogram services provided.

5) Tailorman made to measure session

In theory, almost all men love to indulge, but when it comes to spending, most men play it practical and steer away from luxuries. Therefore, if you have a special someone in your life, like your father or grandfather, take them along to a Tailorman store for a made to measure session with the Tailorman Stylist and Tailorman Master Tailor. We guarantee that they will never forget the experience. And they’ll have a lovely suit to remember the occasion too.

We hope these five gifting ideas made it to your Diwali gifting list. Do let us know what you chose and what your loved one had to say about the gift.

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tailorman made to measure

Over the years, Tailorman has made a name for itself in the made to measure menswear niche. That being said, there’s still a lot of ambiguity regarding the phrase made to measure. Therefore, we believe this is a good time to dive into the technical aspects of what defines a made to measure product in contrast to a ready to wear design.

What is the major differentiating factor between made to measure, bespoke and ready made clothes?

Where sartorialists don bespoke pieces, meticulously tailored by some of the finest artisans, the masses are usually left with cheaper, off-the-peg ready made options, often produced in large quantities in local manufacturing units.

While ready to wear offers inexpensive, mass-produced, and low quality products, bespoke marks the creme de la creme of the tailoring industry. Such clothes are constructed specifically for the individual, from scratch, using the finest fabrics and materials. Needless to say, it offers an unparalleled experience and delivers an exceptionally tailored fit. But all this comes at a price that will definitely burn a hole in your pocket. 

This is where made to measure steps in and bridges the requisite gap that the market demands, by providing complete personalization and exemplary fit at an affordable price point.

While made to measure does not offer the complete bespoke experience, it meets you midway with numerous customization and fit options that ready to wear fails to extend.

Customization options provided at Tailorman 

As one of the premier design establishments in India, we pride ourselves in owning over 4000 fabrics, upto 50 button options, over 75 linings, and 15 personalization options across our eight major product categories – suits, jackets, shirts, trousers, bundys, waistcoats, bandhgalas, tuxedos.

This wide pool of customizations offers numerous design options across various occasions, skin types, and body shapes for a truly personalized shopping experience.

The Tailorman made to measure process 

The process begins with an appointment or a walk-in for  a made to measure session. The session begins with a one-on-one consultation with a Tailorman Stylist. The stylist will help you pick out the suit or shirt style, fabrics, and trims based on your occasion, personal preference, skin tone, and body shape.

Post the finalization of your design, the Tailorman Master Tailor will help you get measured for the perfect fit. This process ideally takes an hour or two, on average, owing to the many individual measurements that are taken into consideration.

The various personalization options at Tailorman

  1. Personalization options for your jackets – Fit, lapels, piping, buttons, lining, canvas, shoulder pads, sleeve length, jacket length, jacket front, pockets, sleeve buttons, and pick stitch.
  2. Personalization options for your trousers – Fit, waistbands, hem, pockets, buttons, internal lining, and length.
  3. Personalization options for your shirts – Fit, collars, plackets, piping, sleeve length, shirt length, pockets, cuffs, yoke, back pleats, darts, and buttons.
  4. Personalization options for your bundys and waistcoats – Fit, lapel, piping, buttons, lining, length, pockets, buttons, front opening, and pick stitch.

The cherry on top is the monogram, which is added as per the customer’s requirement. Tailorman made to measure session ends with the customer making a purchase. This means that the actual production can begin before the final product is delivered. 

The final fit-on session

The fit-on session will help you understand your final fit and help the master tailor make the necessary alterations to your final look. This ideally differs from brand to brand. At Tailorman, the fit-on session is scheduled 8-12 days from the purchase date. 

The final notes are filed away for further use too. 

Is made to measure menswear worth it?

While ready to wear might be easily accessible and affordable, made to measure promises excellent fit, high quality fabrics and finish. The level of detail in design and precision in tailoring offers an exclusive sartorial experience. Made to measure is for those men who value craftsmanship and long lasting clothes that can be worn for decades to come. No matter how much of a fast fashion fanatic you are, there’s room in your wardrobe for a lovely made to measure piece from Tailorman

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VDay Gift Guide Tailorman

Valentine’s Day has had a long and varied history dating back to the early 14th century. The holiday came to prominence when English poet Geoffrey Chaucer wrote his poem ‘Parlement of Foules’ in 1382, commemorating the engagement of Richard II and Anne of Bohemia with romantic themes and mention of Valentine’s Day.

The centuries old tradition lives on even today where exchanging gifts is symbolic to showing someone special that they are an important part of our lives. As much as it’s about love and celebration, it can be a tricky situation to navigate. So we have put together Tailorman’s Valentine’s Day gift guide for the gentleman in your life.

Gadgets, toys and fine single malts are definitely safe bets while choosing gifts for your man, but you can also have plenty of options to go to for that combined style, elegance, taste and practicality. Here are four sophisticated options to add to the list:

Gift card: A Tailorman gift card will come in handy when your man has to update his wardrobe, and that happens a few times a year. 

Classic fashion books: For the fashion lover, a book about the Wardrobe of Cecil Beaton that shows an understanding of heritage and a level of knowledge about fashion from the past. Cecill Beaton had accounts with many Savile Row tailors; he bought his hats from Herbert Johnson and Lock & Co. and his shirts from Excello in New York. The clothes he bought from Lanz of Salzburg are now, along with other elements of his wardrobe, in the Metropolitan Museum, New York, and the V&A, London. Another treasure from the late Austrian architect Adolf Loos’s book, “Why a Man Should be Well-Dressed,” which originated as a series of essays published in the early 20th Century.

Accessories: If you are looking for a wealth of handsome accessories, choose from among Tailorman range of ties or pocket squares, with delicate textures and prints. In addition to it, are the rather unique must-have cufflinks fusing timeless style with a modern flair.

A made to measure experience: It’s magical how a set of  figures marked off of a measuring tape and spilled onto a paper pattern, becomes something that almost lives – a second skin which feels supremely comfortable. A made-to-measure experience is as the name signifies, an experience. If you wish to gift your man his first sartorial experience, head to Tailorman store nearest to you to let him discover the luxury of personalised clothing.

We hope that these four options have made it to your Valentine’s Day gifting repertoire. If possible, give him all four, since at Tailorman, we’re all about going the extra mile.

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When it comes to picking the ideal shirt, there are three aspects that play an important role – fit, comfort, and style. While most cookie cutter styles fail to achieve one or the other, Tailorman’s made to measure shirts are created to give you the perfect fit and are tailored to your specific style preferences.

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Through the years, Tailorman has been styling various professionals across different industries and domains. This said, our mission to ‘Find The Perfect Fit’, has donned some of the finest influencers, bloggers &  stylists across different cities in India. These men manage to strike the perfect balance between their work and personal life while looking their best and most confident in what they wear. 

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Fitness has become such an eminent part of our everyday lives. The culture in Bangalore dictates a healthy balance between work and recreation. What strikes the millennial chords are the varied options that help them curate their fitness regime. The possibility to choose from a multitude of sessions like zumba, body combat, tabatha, power yoga and the likes, all under one roof. One man saw this as an opportunity to break out of his 9-5 grind and spread the concept of functional fitness; the ability to use your everyday body movements to emphasize core stability and train your muscles to work together.

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Bangalore city, the hub of booming startups and entrepreneurial cultures, gives rise to unconventional ideas aimed at making life easier for the youth of today. One such idea eventually rooted the fastest-growing food ordering and delivery startup ‘Swiggy’ that offered customers the flexibility and convenience to order their choice of cuisines from the comfort of their home or office.

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Tailorman has had an challenging yet exciting time giving some of its favorite sportsmen an elevated suiting experience. Through the years we have had various associations with sportsmen from different sporting leagues, bringing together the world of sports & premium men’s fashion.

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The Neapolitans are traditionally known for their impeccable sense of style and perfectly tailored suits. Their unparalleled mastery of fit and finish has set the benchmark for all made-to-measure suits across the globe and truly fostered the philosophy of quality over quantity. Inspired by the Neapolitan men and their rich suiting heritage, we bring to you our AW18 Western Wear collection – Napoli Homme. Napoli combines the strong essence of traditional tailoring with the modern elements of the 21st-century suits to bring forward premier ready-to-wear designs.

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