Statement jackets or blazers, though there are subtle distinctions, most certainly need to be a part of your daily style arsenal. Even with its ubiquitous presence, the statement jacket whether tailored or casual add a touch of versatility and quirkiness that spice up our wardrobe and help distinguish your style from the rest.

Even if you are someone who gravitates towards simple staple pieces and dress in a more subdued manner or like to own a wardrobe that grabs attention, owning a the statement jackets covers a broad spectrum of style preferences which everyone can benefit from. Statement jackets are about presenting a confident and idealized image of yourself to the world. It’s a trusted item of clothing that makes you feel your best in any scenario.

There are many ways to make a statement—loud, muted, and everything in between. The value of owning a  custom-made statement jacket designed to fit your stylistic preferences and constructed to your exact measurements will become one of your most trusted and reliable pieces, one that always makes you look and feel your best, no matter when or how you wear it.



Taking the Jacket beyond formal settings, it’s about dressing things down for casual occasions, giving you a look that is still stately clean with a more relaxed, fashionable feel.

– Don’t Make It Part Of Your Suit. When a suit has been separated for its jacket, it looks too formal in finish and structure, obstructing the casual aesthetic you’re going for, throwing out the whole look.

– The traditional rule of thumb, your Statement Jacket should be shorter in the body where the hem of your jacket should hit around the thumb knuckle, the one between the end of your thumb and where the joint meets the palm.

  • It should fit to accommodate additional layers for cold weather knitwear or spring linens.
  • The versatility of the statement jacket doesn’t lie solely in the number of places it can be worn, but also in the variety of options from which it can be sewn. Get bold and creative with colours, prints, fabrics and patterns. Vibrant colour blocks, classic prints and patterns like stripes and checks, and a range of different fabrics from cotton, wool blends, tweed, linen to velvet. A statement jacket doesn’t always have to feature outrageous patterns or colours , though if your wardrobe skews conservative overall, having at least one splashy piece in your wardrobe is a great idea.



Restrained and classy or showing off your individual style and personal panache. Whatever you choose your options with a statement jacket are extensive.

A classic pairing of a dress shirt and necktie to make you look polished or for more informal days, skip the dress shirt and simply pair the jacket with your favorite v-neck sweater. Sweaters feel relaxed and less buttoned-up, while your jacket lends a professional touch to your outfit. And, don’t forget to accessorize.
Pocket squares or scarves give the look some stability and cohesiveness.

-Written by Indu Ganesh

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VDay Gift Guide Tailorman

The Ultimate Gift Guide For The Discerning Gentleman

Valentine’s Day has had a long varied history dating back to the early 14th century. The holiday came to prominence when English poet Geoffrey Chaucer wrote his poem ‘Parlement of Foules’ in 1382, commemorating the engagement of Richard II and Anne of Bohemia with romantic themes and mention of Valentine’s Day.

The centuries old tradition lives on today by exchanging gifts and showing someone special that they are an important part of our lives. As much as it’s about love and celebration, it can be a tricky situation to navigate. So we have put together Tailorman’s Valentine’s Day gift guide for the gentleman in your life.

Gadgets, toys and fine single malts are definitely safe bets while choosing gifts for your man, but you can also have plenty of options to go to for that combined style, elegance, taste and practicality, we call this the Savile Row Route.

For the book lover, a book about the Wardrobe of Cecil Beaton that shows an understanding of heritage and a level of knowledge about fashion from the past. Cecill Beaton had accounts with many Savile Row tailors, he bought his hats from Herbert Johnson and Lock & Co., his shirts from Excello in New York and the clothes he bought from Lanz of Salzburg are now, along with other elements of his wardrobe, in the Metropolitan Museum, New York, and the V&A, London. Another treasure from the late Austrian architect Adolf Loos’s book, “Why a Man Should be Well-Dressed,” which originated as a series of essays published in the early 20th Century.

If you are looking for a wealth of handsome accessories, choose from among our range of ties or pocket squares, with delicate textures and prints. In addition are the rather unique must-have cufflinks fusing timeless style with a modern flair.

It is hard to be unimpressed by the miracle of tailoring especially when you’re choosing to go the Savile Row route. How a set of ideas, figures and sketches marked off of a measuring tape and spilled onto a paper pattern, becomes something that almost lives – a second skin which feels supremely comfortable. A Made-to-Measure experience is more than clothes, it’s a way of life, celebrating the very best that the human hand can make and that money can buy.

Choose from our finest Scabal range where everything begins with the cloth, the finest innovation and sophistication in weaving for over 75 years. The perfect fit of tailored suits that prioritise aesthetic, comfort and function. If you wish to gift your man his first Made-to-Measure sartorial debut, head to our store nearest to you to let him discover the most luxurious personalisation experience.

Written By Indu Ganesh

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Dress like the Entrepreneur everybody wants to invest in

The hoodie, black t-shirt and jeans look that tech entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg have made iconic may have caught on rage and been the official uniform for Entrepreneurs alike but we are at a moment now where curating your look, dressing up and expressing yourself and by extension your brand, speaks volumes.

The power dressing code today is much like an unspoken language. You want to stand out but also remember that potential clientele are still looking for professionals with a goal, ambitious, smart and energetic visionaries who are able to move mountains by just sitting behind their desks.

As an entrepreneur and founder of your company, you have the power to shape your dress code and make a strong first impression. You are what you wear and here personality and personalisation is what will help you stand out. You are an extension of your brand and what it stands for, having an opinion today matters. And what you choose to wear and outwardly explicitly shows off that opinion.

Getting your essentials right is the first step. Power isn’t just showcased in wearing something serious but rather defining our own ‘suit’ that provides maximum self-expression, freedom of movement, a feeling of confidence and competence.
A Classic Navy Blue Suit or Charcoal Grey Suit is the backbone of every man’s wardrobe. Two piece or three piece options make you look sharp and while having your class and style to be noticed. A pair of Chinos or Wool-Flannel Trousers are must-haves. Aside from your classic crisp white shirt try light blues, pinks, lilac and pinstriped options.

Now that you have your basics covered, its comes down to introducing the high-lo styling, in short being comfortable. Running a company is hard enough, don’t add to the stress by being uncomfortable. It’s time to mix things up and guess what goes with everything? White sneakers and plain t-shirts. A good quality T-shirt is a good throw-on item which will match with anything you own from a Navy blazer to a Wool-flannel pants with a vest giving you an edge.

Bring out your personality and playful side by accessorising smart with a powerful man bag, statement tie, funky coloured pair of socks, pocket squares or belts. They add the extra pizzazz to your look.

The new power dress code is a gentler take on the masculine style from the previous generations. A sensuality offering a softer side of modern man. Details can amplify your appearance and show off your careful eye for detail at work.
Ultimately what matters is to be yourself. Dress in your own style that feels most comfortable to you. When you look good, you feel great and you perform even better. The key to dressing as a startup founder is to dress yourself in a way that expresses your true self. And allow it to change, and evolve with you as your company grows.

Written by Indu Ganesh

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(Rohan Bopanna wearing: Electric Blue Made-to-Measure Cotton Suit from Tailorman)

Tennis in India is synonymous to a growing paradigm shift owing to its increased awareness on a global platform, more investments and it becoming a preferred sport amongst youngsters.

Starting from the 1950’s and 1960’s with the Indian tennis legends like the Krishnan father son duo, the Amritraj brothers and Jaidip Mukerjea to the mid 90’s superstars like Leander Paes, Mahesh Bhupathi and Sania Mirza, Tennis has been developing a considerable following. One such stalwart who spearheaded the growing awareness and is a key contributor to the success and development of Indian tennis both locally and internationally is Rohan Bopanna. Turning pro in 2003, Rohan Bopanna’s career has only been moving upwards. Having won a total of 16 doubles titles with different partners over the the last few years and his career high ranking in doubles as World No. 3 on 22 July 2013, his consistency at the Grand Slam level paid off when he won the Roland Garros title in 2017 along with his partner Gabriela Dabrowski in the mixed doubles event. He has been an integral part of the Davis Cup squad for many years now and has carried the team on his shoulders on a number of occasions. By opening a tennis academy of his own in Bangalore, he has also helped promote the sport in India by guiding a lot of youngsters.

His latest foray into the fitness business with the launch of ‘Cardio Tennis’, as well as his love for coffee turning him into a coffee Entrepreneur, the sports star’s story truly inspires. Rohan is a man of many facets and admits to us the importance of presenting yourself well sartorially both on and off the tennis court. Spoken like a true sportsman, his style mantra is “ If you look good half the battle is already won”. We sit down and chat with the charming Tennis ace about personal moments in his journey to success, what style means to him and so much more.

1. Describe to us that feeling you get right before a match?
Right now, I enjoy every single moment. Every time I step on the court, I know I am prepared well enough and I have put in all the number of hours; and I believe I can win this match.

2. What’s the hardest part about being a sportsperson?
I think it’s the sacrifices. There’s a large amount of sacrifice you have to make as a sportsman, the dedication you need to have and the commitment is day in and day out. There is no single day you can slack or take time off. If you want to become a professional and a world class athlete, you have to put in the time and have to commit yourself to it. There were so many times my friends went out partying or for dinners but i was constantly avoiding those things because my priority was Tennis and my goal was to become one of the best Tennis players out there.

3. How would you describe your personality on the court?
I think it’s very fierce, when i get on the court i have a powerful serve which obviously has come from the numerous years of constantly practicing on that and I believe that as a player you need to practice your strengths more than your weaknesses. A lot of players come to me and tell me their weak points and they end up practicing those but forget to practice their strengths, which is going to be the key.

4. Who is the fiercest player that you’ve played against?
Absolutely I would say it’s Roger Federer, there is no doubt. In 2006 there was a tournament in Germany, where I qualified and ended up playing him in the first round. Of course i had the nerves going into the court, but the minute i hit that first Tennis ball in the warm up I was absolutely comfortable, because i was like here I go, I’m playing probably the best Tennis player out there, but I’m also here for a reason, so i said time to just believe in my game and let’s see how it goes. He is no doubt such a tough opponent to play. Another tough opponent I would say is Rafael Nadal, who I have also played against a few times and is probably more fierce than Roger Federer.

5. What do fit and style mean to you?
I think like Tennis, it needs a full commitment in terms of how you look good, on the Tennis court. Sometimes i tell them, “ If you look good half the battle is already won”.

6. Are you someone who puts a lot of thought into what you wear?
Right now, for the past 5-10 years, definitely I have; obviously because of the fact that there is a lot more events you are going to and there is a lot more media involved. At the end of the day I have made it a conscious effort to make sure that I’m picking the right kind of clothes, ideally tailored fit clothes which makes it easier because it’s not easy in India to get my size and i think we have the best tailors so why not make use of that.

7. Who do you think has the best sense of style in the Indian Tennis scene ?
Back in the day when Mahesh Bhupathi or Leander Paes played, they were very conscious of their style, so I’ve been watching them not only on the Tennis court but off the Tennis court as well. Nowadays, I would say you can definitely put me in that category because like I said I do make a conscious effort to make sure that I’m looking good wherever I go.

8. On a casual Sunday what would we spot you in?
A pair of shorts and t-shirt. I go to office in my shorts and it’s my go-to wear. So on a Sunday you’ll see me in a casual pair of shorts and t-shirts.

9. How has your experience been with Tailorman?
It’s been a fantastic experience because they have actually come out there and realised what stitching is all about, how customised clothing should look on you and how it should fit. I think they have stepped up in the market and given a run for every single person out there to make sure they look good. I’ve been getting a lot of suits stitched by Tailorman and it’s been fantastic.

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(Art Deco Inspired – Silk Brocade Tuxedo)

It’s safe to say that 2019 is an era of emotions and feelings. We live in a time where diversity, self questioning standards of aesthetics and beauty, sustainability and buzzwords like genderless and ageless are echoed on runways, all of which showcase opinions as much as it does fashion.

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When it comes to picking the ideal shirt, there are 3 aspects that play an important role- Fit, comfort, and style. While most cookie cutter styles fail to achieve one of the above, Tailorman’s made-to-measure designs are curated to give you the perfect result, tailored to your specific style preferences.

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Through the years, Tailorman has been styling various professionals across different industries and domains. This said, our mission to ‘Find The Perfect Fit’, has donned some of the finest influencers, bloggers &  stylists across different cities in India. These men manage to strike the perfect balance between their work and personal life while looking their best and most confident in what they wear. 

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Fitness has become such an eminent part of our everyday lives. The culture in Bangalore dictates a healthy balance between work and recreation. What strikes the millennial chords are the varied options that help them curate their fitness regime. The possibility to choose from a multitude of sessions like Zumba, Body combat, Tabatha, Power yoga and the likes, all under one roof. One man saw this as an opportunity to break out of his 9-5 grind and spread the concept of functional fitness; the ability to use your everyday body movements to emphasize core stability and train your muscles to work together.

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Bangalore city, the hub of booming startups and entrepreneurial cultures, gives rise to unconventional ideas aimed at making life a tad bit easier for the stemming youth of today. One such idea eventually rooted the fastest-growing food ordering and delivery startup ‘Swiggy’ that offered customers the flexibility and convenience to order their choice of cuisines from the comfort of their home or office.

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Tailorman has had an challenging yet exciting time giving some of its favorite sportsmen an elevated suiting experience. Through the years we have had various associations with sportsmen from different sporting leagues, bringing together the world of sports & premium men’s fashion.

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