take care of your suit

Suits are one of the most most expensive clothing items a man can own. If you’ve purchased your basic suits, added patterned jackets and blazers, and a tuxedo, then you’re now the proud owner of an enviable wardrobe.

But once you have all the right suits, how are you going to maintain them?

Your first instinct may be to get your suits dry cleaned. But the truth is that most men are dry cleaning their suits too often. You could just as well keep suits fresh by brushing them, airing them out and spot cleaning them regularly.

Let’s talk about how long your suit can last.

As a general rule, if you buy a well-fitting suit in a classic style, crafted from good quality fabric, it can easily last your at least ten years. Steer clear of trendy elements and patterns and no one would be able to tell that it wasn’t a current purchase.

Next, how many wears can you get out of a suit?

As a general rule, you can get at least 130 wears out of a suit. This is a conservative estimate, because things like how often you wear your suits, how long you wear them each time, how much dust and stains your suits are exposed to during each wear – all can affect the longevity of your suit.

And finally, how to take care of your suit.


First of all, hang your suits on a wide wooden hanger in your closet. Make sure that the hanger is wide enough to reach the shoulders so that the shoulder padding stays intact. When you have to store your suits away for a season, it’s best to dry clean them first and store them in a breathable garment bag.


Buy a suit brush specifically for brushing your suits. All you need is fifteen seconds to brush the dust and food particles off your suits. This buildup if left unchecked can lead to fiber decay, which in turn can lead to a dusty appearance and tearing. Therefore, regular suit brushing can add to the longevity of your suit.


Don’t pack your suits in like sardines. Give them an inch or two on either side so that they air out naturally between wears. This can get rid of light odors.

Steam cleaning

Use a steam cleaner to get the wrinkles out. It also gives the additional benefit of freshening your suit.

Spot cleaning

Spot cleaning comes in handy when your otherwise clean suit is marred by a stain. This way, your suit does not have to undergo drycleaning just to get rid of a tiny stain.

Washing suits

Though people wash their suits at home, we suggest you look at the care instructions that come with the suit first. Otherwise, we suggest maintaining it using the methods given above and dry cleaning it occasionally.

Dry cleaning

It’s best to take your suits to the dry cleaners every six months or when it starts to smell funky or look visibly dirty or when it gets a stain. This is because dry cleaning uses chemical solvents and regular dry cleaning can be bad for suits made from natural fibers.

Now that you have all the requisite information on keeping your suits clean, we suggest you buy made to measure suits with confidence – after all, they’ll keep for years to come and make you look amazing every time.

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“The King hath yesterday in council declared his resolution of setting a fashion for clothes which he will never alter. It will be a vest, I know not well how” Samuel Pepys, October 1666

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So in a casual conversation with a colleague, she quoted the above; a tongue-in-cheek version of Gordon Bethune’s words, The room burst into laughter!

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