Buttons play a crucial role in a well-tailored suit. They not only act as closures but also enhance the overall look of the suit. Various aspects like matching buttons, thread colour, and weight of the buttons with regards to the weight of the fabric are kept in mind before placing them on the fabric.

Today, we’re going to list down the two important aspects to keep in mind while choosing a button type for your suits or jackets. This not only helps you dip deeper into understanding your own body type but also lets you play around with the design of your look. 


To begin with, it revolves around the basic principles of design. The button placement is inversely proportional to the body type. For the body types on the heavier side, the buttons are placed closer to each other while for the leaner body types the buttons are placed fairly apart, to give the suit a larger frame.


Tonal buttons are preferred for office and regular wear as they don’t draw too much attention to your garment. You can also go with tonal buttons if you’re not too confident about your body structure, however, we’d always suggest playing up with button variants. Whether you have an athletic body or an inverted triangle a change of colours and button sizes can enhance your overall look. To notch it up and still stay within the framework of formal dressing you can also play around with the colour of the thread used to stitch on the buttons.

There are different types of buttons that can be used in your suits and jackets. Here at Tailorman, you can find over 100 button options in metal, plastic, fabric and more. If you’re apprehensive about what works best for your garment, book an appointment with our Traveling Tailor team and they’ll help you find the right colour, style and design from the comfort of your home/ office or at one of our guide stores, while also getting you fitted for an impeccably tailored look. To book an appointment with our team email us at care@blog.tailorman.com or call us on 1800 3000 1575.

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