Business Trip- Packing Hacks

When it comes to traveling for work, one has to travel light and pack efficiently and cleverly. If there is one thing you don’t want, is to risk showing up to your meetings looking sub-par in a creased and furrowed suit. It is important that your suit remains fresh and crisp while traveling, because appearances play a key role in the boardroom, and this is how you can do it!

Shoes and Accessories

Shoes are the least flexible things to carry, and placing them first will allow you to arrange other pieces of your attire to fit around them. As for your accessories, store your ties in your shoes to protect them from getting creased or moving around too much. You could also use your shoes to store socks and belts, thus using up space more efficiently. Ensure you keep your shoes in a dust bag so they don’t rub against your suits and shirts.


Of all your work garments, pants are the easiest to fold. Fold suit pants along the creases. They are best placed on top of your shoes and accessories. Alternatively, you can also place folded pants in the fold of your suit jacket, provided you’re placing it in your bag. This will help protect the pants and create a bit of a cushion for the jacket which should help fend off some creasing along the waist of the jacket. 


Shirts get wrinkled the easiest, especially delicate fabrics. To care for shirts, sit them between the top and middle layers of your suitcase so that they are cushioned by other pieces. The Roll instead of Fold option is also great to avoid wrinkles and make room for more pieces in your suitcase. 


Jackets can be tricky to pack, as they are more prone to creasing and can be hard to fold. When packing suit jackets, use the inside-out method. This ensures that the jacket stays wrinkle-free so that it arrives at your destination safely. We suggest packing your suit in a suit bag, for maximum protection. Always remember to steam iron your outfit before wearing it to maintain a crisp look.

You’ve officially mastered the art of business trip packing, drop by the nearest Tailorman store or hop on to our website to find a business suit look that’s Made-to-Measure, just for you!

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