Breaking Stereotypes

The month of June or as we call it the pride month is over now. The pride parades, carnivals and celebrations took the internet by storm. People in all shades, colours, and orientation came out and embraced the idea with open arms from all around the world including India. Though celebrities like Ranveer Singh have been spotted in skirts and unconventional prints, the idea of men dressing in eccentric colours and prints is still a taboo in India.

The history of cross-dressing dates back to 30 B.C. From ruffled collars and pantyhose to button down collars and straight fit trousers, men styles have continued to evolve over a period of time. Designers like Pierre Cardin and Jean-Paul Gaultier have made groundbreaking contributions by frontiering gender-fluid and eccentric clothing, thereafter followed by designers such as Raf Simons and Vivienne Westwood.

We should take cues from celebrities like Harry Styles and Ranveer Singh who have sported unusual and offbeat styles offscreen.  Men today, though less apprehensive about their styles, tend to stick to the traditional shades of blues, greys and blacks but it’s time we break out of that mould and incorporate varied hues of greens, mustards, reds, purples and pinks to our wardrobe. To add a twist to your routine look, opt for abstract, paisley or geometric prints.

Printed suits have made a daring comeback; Plaids, ginghams, abstracts, and florals now work for all kinds of occasions, varying in shades and sizes. The subtle tones of green, red, yellow, and pink, can now be switched between your casual and formal wear. In shirts, you can go for colours like sandstone orange, coral, butterscotch yellow, pickle green or periwinkle purple that add an element of ease and fun to your workwear. If you’re feeling experimental, pair your mint green trousers with a crisp white shirt to balance the overall look. If you’re heading out for a traditional feast, add a pastel or navy Bundy to your look and you’re good to go.

We strongly agree as quoted by Anna Wintour “Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself and identifiable for others.” No matter what you wear, at the end of the day what matters is how you carry that look. Confidence is the key to dressing perfectly.

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