party essentials for men

As the days get shorter, and the invites start piling up, you know that party season has officially begun. Famous DJs are dropping by, special events are being rolled out by the most happening spots in town, and you’re getting invites to everything! Be it clubbing with your friends or lounging in a flashy pub with your date, we at Tailorman have four versatile pieces that will have you looking smart and sophisticated with very little effort. Get your shopping list ready, here we go:

1.Printed shirts

Often overlooked because of flashier options, the printed shirt is the unsung hero of the party circuit. To make it club appropriate, choose shirts in dark colors like black, navy blue, deep purple, etc. The prints can be subtle or loud, there’s no going wrong with printed shirts when you style it right.

Black shirt with repeat print

Nothing could be easier than slipping into a black shirt with a metallic repeat print. Pair that with black trousers or jeans, and overlay it with a black biker jacket. Accessorise with leather boots and a chunky chrome watch for total badass vibes. The best part of this look is that it comes together easily with minimum effort, and it’s ideal for concerts of all kinds.

Statement print shirt

Statement print shirts should have a spot in your wardrobe, especially if you like to be noticed. You can choose a prominent print like an animal, geometric or floral print, or go for a huge placement print. Since the shirt is visually interesting on its own, don’t overwhelm the look with other patterned or embellished pieces. Instead, choose trousers and suit jackets in solid complementary colors, and accessorise with unfussy shoes and watch.

2. Velvet jackets

Velvet jackets can take anyone from regular person to rockstar territory. And maybe it’s because of this reason that most men shy away from it. But we feel that there’s room for a velvet jacket in every man’s wardrobe. The good news is that, when styled right, velvet jackets can be subtly luxurious and show off your refined tastes.

Velvet jacket with print shirt

A velvet jacket in a vivid color is definitely in rockstar territory. To take things up a notch, pair it with a printed shirt and tonal trousers that anchor the look. This way, the whole looks is visually interesting and packs a punch.

Velvet jacket with sweater

If making a splash isn’t your thing, then try layering a neutral hued velvet blazer over a sweater and tonal trousers. Complete the look with boots. The velvet blazer stops it from looking too casual, and the dark color palette is ideal for nights out.

Velvet tuxedo with pleated shirt

A velvet tuxedo jacket may seem like an over-the-top choice for a night out, but this can be remedied with the right styling. Pair your velvet tuxedo jacket with a dark color pleated shirt or T-shirt and trousers (go with colors that match the lapels). Wear high-shine derby shoes to add the right amount of flash to the look.

3. Black suits

We’ve spoken of the black suit before, as one of the three foundational suits in your wardrobe. They were made to be worn at night, therefore definitely capitalize on them this party season.

Black suit and shirt

An effortless look to try is a black suit paired with a black shirt. Wear the shirt untucked if you’re aiming for a nonchalant glam look. If you feel that’s too much black, then try a navy blue or dark grey shirt. Similarly, printed shirts too can be worn with these dark suits. Black suits and dark solid color shirts provide the ideal canvas for experimenting with accessories – scarves, chains, statement watches, boots, etc.

Black suit and T-shirt

A smart alternative to the black suit and shirt look is the black suit and T-shirt look. Go for neutral T-shirts to play up the glam look. Accessorise with leather boots and a watch. This is how you achieve an elegantly minimalist look.

4. Windowpane suit

Windowpane suits come into their own when worn in the evening, especially if the checks highly contrast with the body. Check suits require experienced construction so that the checks mirror along the seams. Therefore, when you wear a well-crafted windowpane suit you’re showing off both your sartorial choices, as well as beautiful craftsmanship.

Windowpane suit with gingham check shirt

A blue windowpane suit gets jazzed up with a gingham shirt (notice how the patterns are from the same family) and pops of color in the form of a fringed pocket square and stacked bracelets. The only solid color accessory here is the pale blue tie. Does this ensemble look party ready or what?!

Windowpane suit with roll-neck sweater

Like the window pane but don’t want the extra pizzazz? Team an ash grey windowpane check suit with a dark grey roll-neck. A brown paisley pocket-square breaks up the austerity of this look. Brown monk straps or derbies would complete this look.

We hope you’re inspired to spruce up your party wardrobe after reading this. But that’s not all – Whatsapp us on +91 9551112222 for a personal styling session with a Tailorman Stylist! Call now!

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tweeds for men

Despite the abundance of new fabrics in the market, there are some fabrics we return to over and over again. Come winter, and you may see yourself reaching for your trusty tweeds. If you don’t already own a tweed jacket or two, this would be an ideal time to consider buying one. But, if you’re unsure as to why you need one, this article is for you!

What is tweed?

You may be forgiven for thinking that tweed is a pattern. It’s actually a fabric – a rough, closely woven woolen fabric with a soft open and flexible texture. Tweed fabrics are usually composed of a plain weave or some variation of the twill weave. But long before the weaving stage, the wool used for tweeds have to go through a rigorous process of drying, heating, straightening and spilling. This makes it extremely durable, warm, light-weight and moisture-resistant, making it ideal for the outdoors.

Another distinctive features of the tweed fabric is the appearance, especially the colors(usually chosen to blend in with the scenery). The colored yarns are created by blending multiple colors or shades of dyed fibres. Sometimes, multiple colored yarns are twisted together to create more depth.

The tweed origin story

You just can’t talk about tweed without taking a closer look at its historical roots. Long associated with Scottish nobility, British aristocracy and landed gentry, tweed is decidedly posh despite its rugged appearance and humble roots (since it was first worn by the peasantry).

Thanks to its fabric composition and earthy color schemes, tweeds were ideal for pursuits like riding, shooting, and hunting game. It provided excellent insulation along with camouflage, making them the first performance fabrics. Since it was worn by the rich, it had a trickle-down effect and pieces like tweed jackets, hats and vests became popular among the masses. Even today, tweeds conjure images of old estates and country living, and designer collaborations have only added to its appeal over the decades.

How to style tweeds for different occasions

Despite the hunting and outdoorsy connotations carried by tweed, it is a versatile fabric that can just as easily be worn to work. But this has a lot to do with the tweed patterns and colors you choose. You can find tweeds in solid shades or houndstooth, herringbone, windowpane and Glen checks, etc.

Wear tweeds while traveling

Thanks to its sturdy nature, light and water-proof nature, tweeds are ideal for the outdoors, especially during transitional weather. Therefore get a tweed blazer in grey, brown or olive. Wear it over denim or melange shirts. Add a gilet or sweater vest for added insulation. For bottoms, you can wear anything from denims to corduroys to chinos. Just keep the fabric weights in mind since a heavy tweed jacket would call for an equally heavy trouser fabric. Complete the look with knitted stoles and leather boots.

Wear tweeds to work

A tweed suit jacket can add some texture and depth to your work wardrobe. Some work environments, like those related to academia, are more open to tweed jackets than others. Relaxed work environments and start-up communities too will find the tweed fabric appealing for its utility and style. If you’re going to introduce it to your corporate wear though, stick to solid brown or olive tones, or Glen checks. Use a tweed waistcoat to break up the formality of a grey or navy suit. Similarly, use tweed blazers in place of your knit blazers on Friday. A tweed overcoat though would be a practical thing to own and will complement most of your suits. Complete the look with brown or burgundy leather boots or monk straps.

Wear tweeds casually

Thanks to their rugged nature, tweeds can be worked into your casual wardrobe. You can go for a herringbone pattern or even a boisterous houndstooth with an over check. Just ensure you match the tones with other separates. To play down the seriousness of the tweed, add floral shirts and denims. To play up the country estate owner vibe, add turtlenecks. Complete the look with brown leather boots or monk straps.

We hope this has put you in good stead to buy your first tweed jacket or add to your existing collection. We can’t stress the importance of getting a tailored tweed jacket, especially if it’s patterned since checks or herringbones matching on the side seams show the quality of craftsmanship. We suggest you get a made to measure tweed jacket. Start with a utilitarian travel jacket and build from there!

Do you have any style queries? If so, do drop in a question in the comment section and we’ll answer it.

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dress for groom

The day you graduated from business school, got your first job and later, your first promotion, were all major milestones. But perhaps none are as public as your wedding day. While it’s true that most guests will have their eyes on the bride, your look as the groom is just as important since you’ll be sharing the spotlight with her and the wedding photos will last forever. To make sure you step out in style for all the wedding ceremonies on your big day, just follow our simple guidelines.

Main wedding ceremony

dress for groom

If you choose to go traditional for a religious ceremony, a kurta-pyjama combination is a hassle-free option. Pair it with a Nehru jacket for a more formal look. Swapping the pyjamas for a dhoti helps recreate an ensemble with a bit of old-world charm. If the weather gets nippy, you can drape a shawl over your shoulders. This will at once be both practical and elegant.

While traditional attire is popular, it’s not uncommon for grooms today to choose a trendy look for their marriage rites. A full-sleeve cotton shirt with a tiny paisley print paired with cotton trousers, and topped with a Nehru jacket can be a great alternative to a tip to toe ethnic look.

Christian weddings are usually held during the day, therefore a light grey or navy blue suit would look appropriate. If the weather is chilly, go for a three piece suit. Accessorise with pastel ties in keeping with the daytime ceremonies.


dress for groom

Let the party commence! This is your chance to shine! Your wedding theme will decide if it’s formal or black-tie. If it’s a black-tie event, opt for a black or midnight blue tuxedo. On the other hand, a well-tailored black suit paired with a white shirt and black bow tie will look formal enough for the wedding while still being less formal than a tuxedo. And let’s not forget day time receptions either – if you’re having a more relaxed daytime event, a linen suit will look perfect. All three options will make you feel confident and turn out to be good investments in the long term.

If your wedding has a strong Indian theme, then definitely opt for a sherwani or shirt, trouser and bandhgala combo. Sophisticated and timeless without being boring, you can personalise each with accessories like statement buttons or a brooch. These too can be matched to complement your partner’s outfit.

Cocktail night

dress for groom

You want something that’s comfortable and lets you move freely on the dance floor. Pick a shirt  in a dark jewel tone like maroon or deep blue, which will look great under the lights. Alternatively, look sharp and edgy in a black shirt paired with a black suit.

Final touches:

Let’s not forget the little details that makes wedding ensembles more memorable. For example, echo your partner’s outfit in the shade of your tie or pocket square. Get your wedding dates monogrammed onto your suit linings. Add subtle signature elements like patterned socks, a watch that belonged to someone who’s important to you, cufflinks and tie pins that showcase your sensibilities, your partners favorite flower in your boutonniere, etc. Work with the theme and partners look for a well-turned out look. And yes, consider getting made to measure suits for all the men in the wedding party – your groomsmen, father, siblings, important relatives etc. This way, everyone has their best look forward.

As you can see, there are umpteen options for the man who wants to look his best on his big day. You can opt for Tailorman Wedding Services if you want to dress up the entire wedding party, so that even the groomsmen look on-point.

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chinos for men

Chinos rule that grey area between casual and formal dressing. They’re neither trousers, nor are they jeans, but they somehow carry the best attributes of both – structured and dapper like tailored trousers, but hardwearing like denim jeans. Is it any wonder that they’ve become an essential addition to all men’s wardrobes?

So, where exactly do chinos fall in the dress-code spectrum?

Chinos are casualwear. And by this we mean, smart casual or business casual. In other words, they can be your go-to when you have to look casual in a formal setting, like casual Fridays, or dress up a casual affair, like dinner with your girlfriend’s parents.

But that’s not all! Chinos can take on various avatars. When they come in pastels or bold colors, they look right in beachside resorts and sunny vacation locales. In dark neutral shades, they can slide into urban settings and safari lodges with aplomb. With the right kind of styling, they can shine in any environment.

Let’s begin with essential fall-winter style tips using chinos:

Color – First of all, let’s talk about the different color chinos you should own. Pack away your summer pastels. The top favorites for this season are beige, navy, charcoal grey and tan. Now let’s begin with styling tips.

Styling casual looks with chinos:

Hanging with the boys or going out for a quick run to the mall to pick up some essentials, a pair of khaki green or fall-friendly tan chinos will serve you well. Pair the khaki green chinos with a white shirt and grey sweatshirt. Accessorise with white sneakers. Warm tones of tan are ideal in this weather. Pair it with a white shirt, denim jacket and dark brown loafers.

Styling smart casual looks with chinos:

Want to impress your dinner date without looking like you tried too hard? Then wear a pair of charcoal grey washed chinos with a printed shirt and Tailorman knit flex blazer. A visit to a local exhibition? Wear navy blue chinos with a white crew-neck and body-skimming knit beige pullover. Complete the look with leather sneakers.

Styling business casual looks with chinos:

Chinos come into their own in work environments. For casual Fridays, wear a pair of navy blue chinos with white crew neck T-shirt and grey cardigan. Complete the look with dark brown leather boots. Alternatively wear a light blue shirt with tan chinos and complement this look with a navy blue blazer and brown leather boots pr monkstraps.

Do you have to break in your chinos?

The sturdy twill weave of chinos traditionally required a few wears before they were softened. But the new line of washed chinos come with the much-coveted worn-in feel. Try the range of Tailorman washed chinos at our stores to know what we’re talking about.

We hope these tips will serve you well in the months to come. To experience the luxury of tailored chinos, visit our store.

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fall wardrobe essentials

We’re going through that phase when the seasons can’t decide if they want to stay hot and summery or get progressively chillier. Add rains to the mix, and fashionable men everywhere are faced with the challenge of staying stylish in the face of unpredictable weather.

We’ve curated a list of six items which can be added to your transitional weather wardrobe. With a bit of clever styling, you can easily create looks that’ll keep you in the best-dressed list while you stay snug.

1) Knit flex blazer

We’re going to start off with the Tailorman knit flex jacket, because it’s the ideal piece for transition weather. Wear it in place of a casual jacket, hoodie, sweater or a more structured blazer. It automatically spruces up your whole look even if you’re wearing simple separates.

2) Navy blazer

Once chilly weather gets underway, you can break out your blazers, and your navy blue blazer should be first on the list. Layer it over a simple jeans and shirt combination, or wear it over turtlenecks and trousers – there are endless combinations for you to play around with.

3) Patterned jacket

Add fall-friendly check patterns to your wardrobe in the form of a plaid suit. If that feels like too much, start off with a plaid jacket. To keep it as the focal point, keep the rest of the look basic. For example, layer it over a knitted turtleneck and dark wash jeans.

4) Corduroy trousers

Corduroy is a favorite for this season, and you can add variety to your bottom wear by adding corduroy trousers to the mix. Consider tailored corduroy trousers for a good fit. Here’s a casual look to try – sweatshirt and corduroy trousers coupled with a parka and Converse shoes.

5) Drawstring trousers

Tailored drawstring trousers are for those days when you want to look like you made an effort, while feeling comfortable. Try this look – basic T-shirt, drawstring trousers, coupled with a blazer and sneakers.

6) Twill chinos

Lose the lightweight summery chinos and go for heavier twill weave chinos. These lie at the ideal midway point between jeans and trousers. You can wear them for casual Fridays at work – blazer, long sleeve polo T-shirt and chinos accessorised with sneakers or dress them up for a night out with the boys – white T-shirt and khaki bomber jacket accessorised with leather slip-ons.

Apart from the recommended pieces above, we want to suggest a few fall-winter style tips that are surefire winners:

  • Pack away your summer colors and prints, and bring out clothes in the autumn winter palette – browns, teal and navy blues, oxblood, khaki green, and other sombre neutrals.
  • Stock up on layering staples like cardigans, sweater-vests, sweatshirts, stoles, and knit caps because these pieces can keep you snug when you go outside and you can easily remove them when you come indoors.
  • Layer your T-shirts with plaid flannel shirts or denim shirts. Similarly, layer your shirts with sweatshirts instead of sweaters.
  • Add turtlenecks to your clothing rotation and layer it under your blazers to give it new life.

We hope these tips help you ace this transitional weather in style. Head to our site and design your own collection – get everything from colors, fabrics, fit and styling to suit your tastes.

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diwali party looks for men

We’re nearing Diwali and you just might be holding a Diwali party invite while reading this article. We’ve already suggested a list of gifting solutions from Tailorman and we’re sure you’re sorted on that end. But if the thought of dressing up in ethnic clothes is beginning to stress you out a bit, we have just the solution. Given below are two pieces that tick all the boxes when it comes to dressing up in Indian ethnic wear:

  • Has cultural significance
  • Looks elegant
  • Can be worn during Indian festivals

But apart from that, these versatile pieces also have the ability to look good with western separates. Let’s begin.

Tailorman Bandhgalas

Thanks to its royal origins, the bandhgala retains an air of effortless elegance. It first appeared on the scene as a loose-fitting angarkha in the princely state of Jodhpur, but quickly evolved into the classic, sharp silhouette we are familiar with today. It’s traditionally paired with both western trousers and Jodhpuri breeches, and is equally favored by royals, celebrities and fashion lovers everywhere.

The classic Tailorman Bandhgala is crafted in velvet with, lightly padded shoulders, straight pockets, two side vents and a straight facing full facing. It looks flattering on almost all body types owing to the fact that it’s tailored to skim the body. The Mandarin collar is the differentiating factor of this bandhgala.

How to style a Tailorman Bandhgala

  • Wear it over a full sleeved shirt with a Mandarin collar and formal trousers.
  • Similarly, wear it over a full sleeved shirt with a Mandarin collar and Jodhpuri breeches or Jodhpurs.
  • Accessorise with a pocket square.

Note: For festive events, we suggest you get yours made in velvet, but a utilitarian black bandhgala in wool would serve you equally well in the cooler months. Complete the look with leather Oxfords.

Tailorman Nehru jackets

Nehru jackets, carry deep cultural significance in the Indian context. It’s emblematic of the Indian freedom struggle, and even named after one of our founding fathers. And yet, as we discussed in an earlier post, it has easily made its way into wardrobes of Indian men, even those without any political leanings. Plus, we can think of it as a less formal derivative of the bandhgala.

The quintessential Tailorman Nehru jacket has a Mandarin collar, a five button placket and ends at the hip. The structured fit flatters most body types, and the sleeveless design offers freedom of movement.

Traditionally, an indispensable item in the diplomats wardrobe, it was produced in neutral or earthy hues. However, in keeping with changing trends, Tailorman offers a range of pastel colored Nehru jackets too. That being said, the Design Your Own category on Tailorman allows you to choose any fabric or color of your choice.

How to style a Tailorman Nehru Jacket

  • Layer it over a kurta and churidar bottoms to achieve the classic look.
  • Pair it over a full sleeved shirt with a Mandarin collar and formal trousers.
  • Accessorise with a pocket square.

Note: For festive events, we suggest you take a playful approach and have your Nehru jacket made in a floral fabric. Of course, if this is too trendy for your tastes, we suggest you go for a classic neutral or a light pastel. If you’re wearing churidar bottoms, you can accessorise with leather loafers or juttis.

We hope this has been an informative read for you. Do let us know if you’ve purchased your Tailorman Bandhgala and Nehru jacket yet. We would like to remind you that since both these pieces are structured garments, you should ideally go for a made to measure session to get the fit just right. Once you’ve done that, you’re all set to rock!

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style grey suit

A grey suit is one of the three foundational suits every man should own, the other two being navy blue and black. This beautiful neutral can see you from boardroom to lounge with the right bit of styling, and is guaranteed to become your go-to suit for formal and semi-formal occasions. Sit tight, because this is going to be an exhaustive article on everything you need to know about owning and wearing grey suits.

What shade of grey suit should you buy?

All grey suits can be broadly classified into light grey, mid grey and dark grey suits.

  • Light grey suits are pale shades of grey that are more suited for semi-casual or semi-formal looks.
  • Mid grey is everything that falls between dark matte grey to light greys. These are usually worn for formal events.
  • Dark grey is everything in the dark grey to charcoal grey (this almost looks black) spectrum. These are most definitely worn formally.

Ideally, we’d want you to own all three. But if you can only own one grey suit, let it be a mid grey suit. This is one of the most corporate-friendly suits you can find, and can be worn for everything from interviews to management meets.

Now, let’s see how they can be adapted to various real life situations:

Styling corporate looks using the grey suit:

Grey suits shine in corporate settings. You can choose the shade of grey based on how formal you want to look. Mid grey suits are great for interviews, while dark grey suits are ideal for serious management meets.

Wear your solid grey suits with white, navy blue or light blue shirts. If you want to play with patterns, try graph checks and stripes. Ties can be in black, navy blue, burgundy, or deep purple. You can keep it solid matte or have small repeat prints. Complete your look with black or burgundy brown Oxford and derby shoes.

Styling formal looks using the grey suit:

When we speak about formal occasion outside of work, we mostly mean weddings and black-tie events. Grey suits should ideally be avoided for black-tie events, since even the most sombre grey suit will look out of place. However, you can wear a dark grey three piece suit to a party or event where you’re required to dress up.

Light grey suits are perfect for weddings, especially summer weddings. To make your light grey suit feel especially summery, pair it with pastel shirts and ties. For example, light grey shirt with white shirt and pastel yellow tie. A pocket square in the same color will be a charming addition too.

Complete the look with tan or light brown leather shoes, preferably monkstraps.

Styling casual and party looks using the grey suit:

Grey suits lend themselves well to semi-formal and semi-casual looks, but a few things need to be kept in mind.

For daytime, wear light grey suits with colorful gingham or small floral or quirky conversation print shirts. Wear it with a tie and pocket square in an accent color (color picked from the shirt). Finally, complete the look with tan brown Oxfords, boots or monk straps.

For the evening, we suggest you wear a mid grey suit with a black or navy blue shirt. Leave the top two buttons open and accessorise the look with a statement watch. Alternatively, wear a black or navy blue turtleneck. Complete the look with burgundy brown leather boots or black Oxfords. This way your ensemble looks edgy and sophisticated enough for clubbing.

We hope these tips come in handy next time you shop for a grey suit. The one thing to remember though is that grey suits have to fit beautifully since the stretching and bunching of a badly stitched suit will be more obvious with the light color. Therefore, we suggest you go for a made to measure suit, while getting the grey suit (or suits) you want.

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Diwali gifting for men

Diwali is fast approaching and you may have already recieved a few invites for Diwali parties and events. Now all you have to do is dress well and land up on the appointed hour with the right gift.

Most people associate Diwali gifts with nuts and sweets, but sometimes that’s just not enough. Especially so when you want to give the person something memorable and unique. This becomes even more challenging when the person in question is a man with discerning taste. That’s why we curated a list of tasteful gifts that you can give the sophisticated men in your life with pride.

1) Tailorman gift card

A Tailorman gift card would be appreciated by any man who is very particular about the clothes they wear. If you want the receiver to get a taste of what Tailorman has to offer, or shop till they drop, Tailorman gift cards offer something for every budget. These cards can be redeemed for both ready to wear or made to measure clothes. Get one from a showroom near you.

2) Bandhgala

A bandhgala is a timeless piece that can be worn for years to come and even passed on to the next generation. A ready to wear Tailorman bandhgala is tailored to perfection, with it’s classic five button placket, full lining, lightly padded shoulders and two side vents. To complete the look, purchase a Mandarin collar shirt and trousers too.

3) Nehru jackets

Like the bandhgala, the Nehru jacket is a classic piece of Indian ethnic wear that can be added to every man’s wardrobe. Tailorman Nehru jackets come in both neutral and pastel shades so you’re sure to find something that suits every taste.

4) Monogrammed shirts

Forget designer labels, and instead choose monogram shirts for your loved ones. If the man is close to you, say a spouse or family member, and you are familiar with their shirt sizes measurements and styling preferences, you can gift them a shirt from the Tailorman Design Your Own category. One of the delightful aspects of this is the additional monogram services provided.

5) Tailorman made to measure session

In theory, almost all men love to indulge, but when it comes to spending, most men play it practical and steer away from luxuries. Therefore, if you have a special someone in your life, like your father or grandfather, take them along to a Tailorman store for a made to measure session with the Tailorman Stylist and Tailorman Master Tailor. We guarantee that they will never forget the experience. And they’ll have a lovely suit to remember the occasion too.

We hope these five gifting ideas made it to your Diwali gifting list. Do let us know what you chose and what your loved one had to say about the gift.

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tailorman made to measure

Over the years, Tailorman has made a name for itself in the made to measure menswear niche. That being said, there’s still a lot of ambiguity regarding the phrase made to measure. Therefore, we believe this is a good time to dive into the technical aspects of what defines a made to measure product in contrast to a ready to wear design.

What is the major differentiating factor between made to measure, bespoke and ready made clothes?

Where sartorialists don bespoke pieces, meticulously tailored by some of the finest artisans, the masses are usually left with cheaper, off-the-peg ready made options, often produced in large quantities in local manufacturing units.

While ready to wear offers inexpensive, mass-produced, and low quality products, bespoke marks the creme de la creme of the tailoring industry. Such clothes are constructed specifically for the individual, from scratch, using the finest fabrics and materials. Needless to say, it offers an unparalleled experience and delivers an exceptionally tailored fit. But all this comes at a price that will definitely burn a hole in your pocket. 

This is where made to measure steps in and bridges the requisite gap that the market demands, by providing complete personalization and exemplary fit at an affordable price point.

While made to measure does not offer the complete bespoke experience, it meets you midway with numerous customization and fit options that ready to wear fails to extend.

Customization options provided at Tailorman 

As one of the premier design establishments in India, we pride ourselves in owning over 4000 fabrics, upto 50 button options, over 75 linings, and 15 personalization options across our eight major product categories – suits, jackets, shirts, trousers, bundys, waistcoats, bandhgalas, tuxedos.

This wide pool of customizations offers numerous design options across various occasions, skin types, and body shapes for a truly personalized shopping experience.

The Tailorman made to measure process 

The process begins with an appointment or a walk-in for  a made to measure session. The session begins with a one-on-one consultation with a Tailorman Stylist. The stylist will help you pick out the suit or shirt style, fabrics, and trims based on your occasion, personal preference, skin tone, and body shape.

Post the finalization of your design, the Tailorman Master Tailor will help you get measured for the perfect fit. This process ideally takes an hour or two, on average, owing to the many individual measurements that are taken into consideration.

The various personalization options at Tailorman

  1. Personalization options for your jackets – Fit, lapels, piping, buttons, lining, canvas, shoulder pads, sleeve length, jacket length, jacket front, pockets, sleeve buttons, and pick stitch.
  2. Personalization options for your trousers – Fit, waistbands, hem, pockets, buttons, internal lining, and length.
  3. Personalization options for your shirts – Fit, collars, plackets, piping, sleeve length, shirt length, pockets, cuffs, yoke, back pleats, darts, and buttons.
  4. Personalization options for your bundys and waistcoats – Fit, lapel, piping, buttons, lining, length, pockets, buttons, front opening, and pick stitch.

The cherry on top is the monogram, which is added as per the customer’s requirement. Tailorman made to measure session ends with the customer making a purchase. This means that the actual production can begin before the final product is delivered. 

The final fit-on session

The fit-on session will help you understand your final fit and help the master tailor make the necessary alterations to your final look. This ideally differs from brand to brand. At Tailorman, the fit-on session is scheduled 8-12 days from the purchase date. 

The final notes are filed away for further use too. 

Is made to measure menswear worth it?

While ready to wear might be easily accessible and affordable, made to measure promises excellent fit, high quality fabrics and finish. The level of detail in design and precision in tailoring offers an exclusive sartorial experience. Made to measure is for those men who value craftsmanship and long lasting clothes that can be worn for decades to come. No matter how much of a fast fashion fanatic you are, there’s room in your wardrobe for a lovely made to measure piece from Tailorman

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autumn winter trends 2019

For every man who likes to wear what’s in, there are ten who like to play it safe and repeat tried and tested looks. Therefore, trend reports always carry the risk of being totally ignored or being seen as amusing articles that needn’t be taken seriously. However, some of the most popular trends channelled through the Autumn/Winter collections from around the world for 2019 are extremely wearable. Here we give you six that any man can pull off:

1) Men in black


Tailored suits are appealing on their own but the complete Men In Black look that was channelled on the ramps of Saint Laurent, Celine, and Thom Browne is an easy trend to adopt. Think tailored black suit with a white shirt and a skinny black tie. So simple, and yet so easy to replicate. If you’re lean, then this ensemble will look especially flattering on you.

2) Oversized suits


On the other end of the spectrum, we have the oversized suit trend that was showcased on the ramps of Marni, Prada and Fendi. This is in keeping with the boxy/oversized trend that has been going strong for a while now. The best part is that you can layer oversized suit jackets over hoodies to take it to streetstyle territory.

3) Pink


One of the most endearing trends this season is the embracing of pink with abandon as shown by designers like Berluti, Boss and Kenzo, to name a few. And it’s not a particular shade of pink, it’s all of it – light pink, blush, salmon, magenta, neon, watermelon, rose, etc. That being said, magenta is the hottest pink of the lot. When it comes to incorporating it into your looks, we’re not talking about using pink only as an accent color; instead it’s tip to toe pink for the boldest trendsetters. If that feels too loud for your taste, just add a dash of pink in the form of a pink tie, pink shirt, socks, or pocket square.

4) Monochrome


Take a break from all those dark colors in your autumn/winter wardrobe, and go for a tip to toe neutral look. Fenid, Burberry, Ami and Louis Vuitton were some of the designers that put this look in their collections – think entire ensembles including accessories in a single shade, be it beige, off white or grey. Choose camel, a sophisticated grown-up color, that’ll suit most skin tones, especially Indian skin tones. Accessorise a camel suit and shirt combo with camel accessories, or accent it with dark brown leather shoes and bags.

5) Vintage florals


Florals are guaranteed to come every season, though in different avatars. This season, it’s all about vintage florals, as showcased by Vetements, Loewe and Gucci menswear collections. Think retro florals in muted or bright colors. Add floral print shirts to your wardrobe this fall. Pair it with plaid trousers or layer it under chunky cardigans to really pay homage to this trend.

6) Parkas over suits


Take a page from Berluti, Givenchy and Dunhill, and layer your suit with a parka instead of an overcoat, when the weather gets cold. At once utilitarian and stylish, this looks especially striking if you pair a sombre suit with a vibrant parka. For those who want to play it safe, stick to a black or navy parkas.

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