All You Need To Know About Tailorman Shirts

When it comes to picking the ideal shirt, there are three aspects that play an important role – fit, comfort, and style. While most cookie cutter styles fail to achieve one or the other, Tailorman’s made to measure shirts are created to give you the perfect fit and are tailored to your specific style preferences.

Here is everything a Tailorman made to measure shirt entails:


Sourced from the finest Asian and Italian mills around the world we have premium fabrics like  Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, and Scabal. Available in cotton, linen, and poly-blends, the fabrics comes in different types of finishes too – wrinkle-resistant, stretch, brushed-cotton, etc. You can choose from over 2000 fabrics in various prints, patterns, and designs.

Prints and Patterns

Apart from solids, we have a wide range of paisleys, checks, stripes, florals, prints and patterns for different occasions. Paisleys, florals, and patterns work well for casual occasions while checks, stripes, and solids solve your formal and business casual needs. Jacquard, dobby, herringbone, houndstooth and more serve the dual purpose of both formal and casual occasions.


You can personalize every aspect of your shirt; not just the fabrics, but buttons, plackets, collar, cuffs, sleeve and hem length, and fit. Here are all the detailed customization options available:

  • Buttons – Starting with button options we have around 50 variations in total. For shirts, we offer plastic, metal, and fabric buttons 
  • Collars – For collars, you have an option to choose from classic, button-down, band, wing tip and cut away collars. 
  • Plackets – Plackets can be chosen depending upon the style of the shirt. Box placket is the most common style found in most of the dress shirts. The concealed placket is more formal compared to the box placket and it gives a sleek and sophisticated look as the buttons are hidden inside. Contrasting plackets are used in both formal and casual shirts.
  • Cuffs– Similarly, for cuffs, we offer French cuffs, single barrel with one button and double barrel with two buttons.

Last, but the most important element is the fit of the shirt. We do the standard fits – classic/regular, tailored/contemporary, and slim. We also do custom fit where you can choose your fit depending upon your body form.


The making of the Tailorman made to measure shirts begins when you walk into one of our showrooms for a session with the master tailor or call a traveling tailor over to your place to do the fittings. Once all the individual measurements and style preferences have been taken into consideration, the production begins where your shirt is made at a state of the art facility. This ensures high quality, precision, and very little room for human error. A final trial is done if required to ensure that there are no alteration requirements. The product is directly delivered to you after a period of ten days.   

If you are still a little apprehensive get in touch with our team or book an appointment with our Traveling Tailor team and they’ll help you find the right color, style, and design from the comfort of your home or office. Alternatively, walk into  any of our showrooms and ask for a made to measure session with the Tailorman Stylist and Master Tailor. 

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