A Guide To Tailorman Made To Measure Menswear

tailorman made to measure

Over the years, Tailorman has made a name for itself in the made to measure menswear niche. That being said, there’s still a lot of ambiguity regarding the phrase made to measure. Therefore, we believe this is a good time to dive into the technical aspects of what defines a made to measure product in contrast to a ready to wear design.

What is the major differentiating factor between made to measure, bespoke and ready made clothes?

Where sartorialists don bespoke pieces, meticulously tailored by some of the finest artisans, the masses are usually left with cheaper, off-the-peg ready made options, often produced in large quantities in local manufacturing units.

While ready to wear offers inexpensive, mass-produced, and low quality products, bespoke marks the creme de la creme of the tailoring industry. Such clothes are constructed specifically for the individual, from scratch, using the finest fabrics and materials. Needless to say, it offers an unparalleled experience and delivers an exceptionally tailored fit. But all this comes at a price that will definitely burn a hole in your pocket. 

This is where made to measure steps in and bridges the requisite gap that the market demands, by providing complete personalization and exemplary fit at an affordable price point.

While made to measure does not offer the complete bespoke experience, it meets you midway with numerous customization and fit options that ready to wear fails to extend.

Customization options provided at Tailorman 

As one of the premier design establishments in India, we pride ourselves in owning over 4000 fabrics, upto 50 button options, over 75 linings, and 15 personalization options across our eight major product categories – suits, jackets, shirts, trousers, bundys, waistcoats, bandhgalas, tuxedos.

This wide pool of customizations offers numerous design options across various occasions, skin types, and body shapes for a truly personalized shopping experience.

The Tailorman made to measure process 

The process begins with an appointment or a walk-in for  a made to measure session. The session begins with a one-on-one consultation with a Tailorman Stylist. The stylist will help you pick out the suit or shirt style, fabrics, and trims based on your occasion, personal preference, skin tone, and body shape.

Post the finalization of your design, the Tailorman Master Tailor will help you get measured for the perfect fit. This process ideally takes an hour or two, on average, owing to the many individual measurements that are taken into consideration.

The various personalization options at Tailorman

  1. Personalization options for your jackets – Fit, lapels, piping, buttons, lining, canvas, shoulder pads, sleeve length, jacket length, jacket front, pockets, sleeve buttons, and pick stitch.
  2. Personalization options for your trousers – Fit, waistbands, hem, pockets, buttons, internal lining, and length.
  3. Personalization options for your shirts – Fit, collars, plackets, piping, sleeve length, shirt length, pockets, cuffs, yoke, back pleats, darts, and buttons.
  4. Personalization options for your bundys and waistcoats – Fit, lapel, piping, buttons, lining, length, pockets, buttons, front opening, and pick stitch.

The cherry on top is the monogram, which is added as per the customer’s requirement. Tailorman made to measure session ends with the customer making a purchase. This means that the actual production can begin before the final product is delivered. 

The final fit-on session

The fit-on session will help you understand your final fit and help the master tailor make the necessary alterations to your final look. This ideally differs from brand to brand. At Tailorman, the fit-on session is scheduled 8-12 days from the purchase date. 

The final notes are filed away for further use too. 

Is made to measure menswear worth it?

While ready to wear might be easily accessible and affordable, made to measure promises excellent fit, high quality fabrics and finish. The level of detail in design and precision in tailoring offers an exclusive sartorial experience. Made to measure is for those men who value craftsmanship and long lasting clothes that can be worn for decades to come. No matter how much of a fast fashion fanatic you are, there’s room in your wardrobe for a lovely made to measure piece from Tailorman

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