5 Must Have Mens Summer Suits to beat the Heat

Summer styles have always been about shredding the layers, keeping it light and easy. While we would love to go to work in our everyday flip-flops and a pair of shorts, we felt it is important to give this season’s summer wardrobe a more formal twist, and what better than Suits to help us keep the uber chic urban-man looking stylish as ever?

A beautifully tailored garment always makes for the perfect style statement and can create a major impact in the way one is perceived in a crowd, be it an office meeting or just a casual dinner with friends. For this season, we want you to scrap all your preconceived notions about this elegant ensemble and understand how fabrics play a major role in keeping this “winter” garment hip enough for the summers.



Linen Suits

Summer is the ideal time for this fabric to shine. Their excellent heat conducting property will leave you cool and breezy in the summer heat and the stiff nature of the fabric gives a beautifully structured look to the suits that in turn work perfectly well for a brunch meeting with a client or even an afternoon date. Keep your linen look young and fresh by wearing them with fun checked shirts and tan monk straps.


Cotton Suits

Cotton garments have always been the go-to remedy for all our summer woes. An ideal addition to our travel trunk, cotton fabrics make excellent business casual suits. The wide range of options in prints and colors, and also their economic viability, make these suits perfect for this season. To add a more formal touch to the suit, pair them with a solid/striped tie, a complimentary shade of Blucher shoes and a leather messenger bag.



Seersucker Suits

One of the many variations of the versatile cotton fabric is the seersucker. Its puckered texture adds to the cool casual feel we associate with the summer season and transcends us back to the retro age. Let’s add that hint of fun to our wardrobe by accessorizing this summer favorite with a polka/quirky printed bow/tie and you’re all set to go.



Woolen Suits

We’re sure you’re wondering how wool can be worn in the sizzling heat of the summer waves. But what you would be surprised to know is that the natural properties of the merino wool are said to help protect our body from extreme temperatures, be it cold or hot. Pick your favorite style and hone your look with confidence and panache. You can always add a little fun to this formal ensemble with playful lapel pins and offbeat pocket squares.




Chambray Suits

Sturdy yet flowy, chambray cotton is the perfect alternative to the stiff denim in your summer wardrobe. The earthy texture of the fabric gives the suit a relaxed casual look that we yearn for this season. It’s all about keeping it simple yet stylish. Pair your chambray suit with tonal saddle shoes, a printed tie, and a metallic tie pin. Finish it off with a single dial metallic watch and there you go!

This summer season, break all norms around suits and get yourself a beautifully tailored piece if you don’t already own one. A quintessential staple for every gentlemen’s wardrobe; suits seamlessly designed to your liking is the way to go this time around.


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