5 Best Dressed Footballers of All Time

From the pitch to the parties, some of the most stylish footballers have made a mark in both fashion and sports. Levelling the playing field with their impressive dribbling skills or strutting a suave three-piece suit during the after hours, these players channel their athletic energy and stance into every aspect of their lives.

Men’s fashion draws its parallels from the ever-changing nature of the final play-offs. At the peak of the affairs, you’ll always spot your favourite players donning elegantly tailored pieces from some of the finest designers and ateliers in the world, each with their own individual spin. With the Fifa World Cup in full swing, it’s time we identify the dapper men switching up their sporty kit for the smarter pieces in their wardrobe.

Xabi Alonso

From Liverpool and Real Madrid to flaunting the colours of Bayern Munich, Xabi sure has seen a varied change in rigs over the years. But needless to say, we’ve spotted the same off the playing field and into the spotlight. From sharp to playful, he’s managed to put together some very interesting pieces that surely make the top of our sartorial list. His trim beard, well-kept hair and sporty casual appeal make him one of the most sought-after style icons, leading up to his recent luxury sportswear collaboration with Porsche Design Sport by Adidas.

You’ll spot him donning the much essential classic white-tee with a hip and casual bomber and tailored pants, which he effortlessly and seemingly manages to switch with a classic peak lapel tuxedo or a grey notch.

David Beckham

It’s no surprise that David Beckham has led the masses with his impeccable yet never over the top style. Getting everything from formal wear to day to day looks just right, he’s an undeniable icon that emulates an effortless style and a cosmopolitan edge. 

He’s mastered the formal appeal with his dapper 3 piece suits and his signature stand-out waistcoats and crew cut hair. His tattoo sleeves add the intriguing street-style appeal to the look which is always topped with the right headgear. A  common trend sported by the player is the undemanding distressed denim, leather boots, and single jersey tees, topped with a Starbucks on one hand and a duffel on the other.

Sergio Ramos

One of the best defenders in the world is also one of the best-dressed men in sports. Sergio Ramos has always had a unique sense of fashion which has gotta better with his age and experience on the field. Long gone are his days of having long hair scraped back with a hair band and no beard. Like a fine wine, Ramos’ style has matured like he has. Now the Spanish centre-back has an unprecedented sense of fashion, cementing himself as one of the most fashionable athletes of the football sphere. 

Having recently been named as an ambassador of Hugo Boss, it’s safe to say that he’s got the vote of the iconic tailor. Ramos’ love for suits and a well crafted one at that is shown in the outfit below. Clean cut, simple and properly worn, means that he isn’t just any footballer in a suit, he’s a man who means business.

Hector Bellerin

To those that don’t follow European soccer, Héctor Bellerín most certainly isn’t a household name, however, that might soon change given the Arsenal star’s penchant for out-dressing and out-flexing those around him.

When he’s not lacing up his boots in the Premier League, Bellerín has been spotted at various London Fashion Week shows and was recently caught at the NBA London game between the 76ers and Celtics. He has undeniable style chops and, quite certainly, there’s a lot to be said for making an effort to wear something more adventurous than a navy-blue suit. The lumberjack appeal to his looks, with a play on colours, patterns and prints is an interesting take on athleisure menswear.

Neymar Da Silva

PSG’s Brazilian forward is the world’s most expensive player and he’s certainly got a wardrobe to match. Just as popular in fashion as he is in football, you can always spot Neymar at the hottest fashion parties. He is known for his undying loyalty towards the French Designer brand Balmain, sporting some of the finest, most expensive pieces from their collections on multiple occasions. We’d like to believe the colour black tops his list of favourite shades as you’ll frequently spot him strutting in all blacks, throwing in multiple layers together for a casual look.


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