Talk to your Tailor for the Perfect Tailored Suit

“Don’t lie to your doctor or lawyer… and do the same with your Tailor!!”

So in a casual conversation with a colleague, she quoted the above; a tongue-in-cheek version of Gordon Bethune’s words, The room burst into laughter!

I thought it was brilliant but the more I thought about it, the more I realised, how true it was as a tailoring professional. A doctor cannot come up with correct medical therapy if one doesn’t disclose his habits, medical history or symptoms. An attorney cannot fight a case if they are not aware of the facts, figures and other pieces of evidence pertaining to the situation.

Similarly, the relationship of a tailor and his gentleman client is based on trust. I am not quoting on a blind faith for both parties. A sartorial symbiosis phenomenon that involves spending time, sculpting and refining a gentleman’s style that is worthy of a rite of passage.

A tailor’s invaluable advice in a one-on-one session cannot be replaced with any books, articles or videos. The input comes from a clear communication channel from both parties: the client sharing his needs, style, occasion and preferences, and the tailor sharing the fabrics he can offer, the fit he can achieve, and the time he will take to deliver the polished piece.

At Tailorman, our each client rendezvous is taken as an opportunity to discover or to rediscover our client and assist them in building a wardrobe with class and elegance. With a clear barter of information, we work on providing a seamless shopping experience with added style advice suited for the occasion and also ways to dress and care for your ‘Tailorman’ pieces.

One can arguably say, we are the jewellers that polish and refine the diamond in hand by researching and studying its true potential. Hence, we encourage our Tailorman clients to share as many thoughts as they have for a completely personalized and curated experience. It is a process and time well-spent towards an investment, that one will cash upon over a period of time!

We’d suggest starting with the Tailorman selection of Made-to-Measure essentials. If you’re apprehensive about what works best for you, book an appointment with our Traveling Tailor team and they’ll help you find the right colour, style and design from the comfort of your home/ office or at one of our guide stores, while also getting you fitted for an impeccably tailored look. To book an appointment with our team email us at or call us on 1800 3000 1575.

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