3 Blazers Every Man Should Own

Tailorman blazers for men

Changing seasons call for smart layering. You may already own a plethora of casual jackets in your wardrobe, namely leather, denim and khaki jackets. But as we slowly move into fall and winter, it’s time to add a few blazers to the mix.

Now, if you thought blazers were too formal for everyday looks, you’re probably confusing them with suit jackets. Truth is that blazers and suit jackets are just not the same. Blazers made for fall/winter are more rugged and heavier and can be worn with denims. Suit jackets, on the other hand, are usually more finer and will look out of place in a casual ensemble. Here we give you the top three blazers every stylish man should own in his wardrobe, along with tips on how to style them:

Tailorman knit blazer

A great alternative to the casual jacket, the knit blazer gives a sophisticated edge to your casual looks. We like it so much that we did an interesting blog on men’s knit blazer earlier, have a look at it. We suggest you pair the knit blazer with patterned shirts and solid trousers, or with solid T-shirts and denims. Accessorize with sneakers, loafers or Oxfords. There really is no going wrong with the Tailorman knit flex blazer, and as one of the hottest selling products this season, you should definitely head to a Tailorman store now and get one for yourself.

The classic navy blazer

This classic blazer is the ideal dressy casual piece. What does this mean? It means that it can be paired with your casual and dressy looks and won’t look out of place. You can also choose the depth of the navy blue shade you want. Pair it with light color dress shirts or one with a small repeating pattern. For the bottoms, wear khakis, chinos, jeans or dress slacks in a neutral palette. Tie the look with derby shoes. Accessorise with ties and pocket squares in pops of color since navy blue easily balances them out.

A patterned blazer

Once you have the other two essentials, it’s time to show off your personality. We suggest you buy a patterned blazer that displays your signature style. You can choose a herringbone, plaid or houndstooth blazer in tweed for this purpose. The classic color choices are browns, navy and grey. Pair it with solid color shirts or subtle checks or stripes, since the pattern on the jacket will stand out on its own. For bottoms, wear it with tailored trousers or dark wash denims. Complete the look with monk straps, boots, or wingtips.

Now that we’ve given you a few compelling reasons to buy blazers, we suggest you call for an appointment at a Tailorman store now and have these custom made for you.

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