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The big wedding date marks a new beginning for the groom and his bride. It’s a day filled with panic and excitement, and planning every minuscule detail can be a nerve-racking experience. But the overwhelming fret, hours before the big day, boil down to watching your bride walk down the aisle, and taking your wedding vows in the presence of your loved ones.

Just as you feel when you see your bride in her wedding gown for the first time, the bride’s first look at her partner is an equally important moment. As stories and memories unfold in that first glance, the perfection of your beautifully tailored wedding suit is the one thing WE PROMISE WILL STAND OUT.


Our Wedding Service is a promise of an easy, effortless and customized transition into your new life. We focus on the one thing that people talk about days after the big day and beautifully tailor it to perfection; THE WEDDING SUIT.

Destination weddings, quiet family gatherings, traditional Indian ceremonies, or even a Big! Fat! Prince Charming wedding; You name it, and we put together the ideal wedding look not just for you but also for your entire pack.


The Wedding Service is a completely curated and customized shopping experience for the groom and his family. Unlike any other service offered at Tailorman or other brands, the team of experts is equipped to handle the traditional nuances and symbolism associated with the day. They understand varied cultures, rituals, preferences, and tastes; and as Made-to-Measure specialists, they also help you design every detail of your look with utmost care and consideration.

To give you a sense of the what the service entails we’d like to run you through what the wedding team has to offer to the groom.

“Book a Home Visit “

The first step to weaving the wedding look is meeting our groom team. We understand the jitters and expectations associated with the day and guide the groom and his party to etch out every detail they need. We also help them put the little pieces of the puzzle together, to create a handcrafted piece synonymous with “happily ever after”.

“Choose the fabrics”

Our wedding collection is a range of thoughtfully curated fabrics from the finest mills around the world. A luxurious blend of beautiful jacquard’s, superior quality wool’s, fine textures and plush velvets. We help you choose from the exquisite range and design every minute detail of your wedding piece.

“Design every Detail”

Customization is one of the most important steps to creating a uniquely personal piece for the big day. We offer style detailings that resonate with the couple years down the line; such as monogramming the initials of the bride and the groom or embroidering their wedding date. This is only one of the few elements we add to truly personalize the wedding look.

We also understand that the bride too has a say in her groom’s suit, and help the couple coordinate their wedding look by adding style elements such as colors and trims to match the bride’s gown.

“Find the Right Fit”

As advocates of Fit is King, we place paramount importance on the fit of the final suit. The right fit epitomizes comfort and style and no suit or look is complete without it. Our master tailor’s size you up and get you measured to craft an impeccably tailored piece. If you’re very anxious about the final fit, we also carry TRY-ON garments to help you understand the fit and the feel of your final wedding suit.


“There is nothing more special than something which is made just for you. And that’s how I felt wearing it” – Yeshwant Dawson

Some men are changing the landscape of menswear through their personal sense of style. Their international exposure and explicit individualism help them build their wardrobe to highlight the positive aspects of their personality and their appearance, and the wedding suit is no exception.

We strongly believe that a Tailorman “Man” is an ambitious, virtuous, striving for excellence, kinda guy. His understanding of finesse and evolved taste in fashion helps him stand out and stand tall in front of his peers, giving him the quintessential Indian groom charm. He is opinionated and a visionary, and these aspects of his personality shine through in his personal style as well. Designing his own wedding suit, from the fit to the finest details, is a mark of noted confidence in all facets of life that define him.


There is something very special about wearing a suit designed for you. It builds confidence, it feels unique and makes you stand out from the pack. We honestly believe there is no better day than your wedding to get it right.

We’re presenting a unique opportunity to get hitched in custom! Tailorman is on the lookout for 3 exceptional men, who we believe represent the Tailorman Groom. Participate in our fun social media contests and win a chance to be featured on all our different brand platforms.

Well, what’s in it for us? The chance to suit you up! 3 lucky men get suited up for their big day by our Made-to-Measure specialists, with a completely personalized shopping experience.

PS: The Suits are on us! 

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