Looking back at 2017, it has been a remarkable journey and experience for the Tailorman team. We have ventured into new fields of design, witnessed some exciting associations, executed unique Made-to-Measure campaigns and changed our styling game around. We wanted to do a quick run through of everything that has happened this year as a tribute to the journey we’ve set out on, marking our efforts to provide premium quality, custom men’s clothing through a unique shopping experience.


Tailorman Ready-to-Wear Collection.

This year we launched our first Ready-to-Wear collection under the expert watch of Manish Saksena (Founder- Lime Road). Manish’s eye for detail has helped us thoughtfully design a collection that highlights 3 eminent sartorial occasions; Nouveau, Resort and Revelry. The capsule collection was a celebration of summer colors, prints and design elements, each piece carefully crafted to meet the requisite needs of the summer season. Tailored with care and precision, the Ready-to-Wear collection was an extension of our Made-to-Measure principles.

Read more about the collection on our Tailorman article The Ready-to-Wear Collection

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Tailorman and BFC

The past year we saw the coming together of two distinct worlds. BFC introduced Tailorman as their official suit partners proving yet again that refined taste and custom suits, are for all! The sportsmen donned the masterfully crafted blazers off the field making them the first team to partner with a Made-to-Measure brand to design their official club suits.

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Young Indian Gentlemen

The School of Gentlemen concept celebrates men who represent Tailorman, from the best of films, sports, businesses and more. We believe just like these remarkable men, Tailorman stands in the forefront of custom clothing with its exquisite fabrics and fine craftsmanship.

We aim to establish a niche for ourselves by creating concepts that celebrate style and tailored excellence, and the “Young Indian Gentlemen” campaign was our first milestone towards establishing a stance in the made-to-measure belt with a private, one-on-one session with our expert stylists and highly skilled masters. We’ve completed 3 successful events in Bangalore and Chennai and hope to continue the campaign across different cities. Read more about our first event on our Tailorman article Young Bangalore Gentlemen


Tailorman Weddings

This year we’ve witness a unique take on custom shopping. We have ideated campaigns and services that provide a seamless shopping experience to our customers and executed them effectively

Earlier this year we introduced a custom trousseau service for the groom and his family. The Wedding Service is a unique opportunity for the groom to celebrate his special day in a custom suit, bandhgala, tuxedo or more. Our team of experts will go over fabrics, customization and measurements to make sure you and your family look perfect on the wedding day.

Read more about our wedding services here!

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 Made-to-Measure Specialists

Unlike most brands that cater to their customers through regular sales executives, Tailorman believes the best way to provide quality service and a custom shopping experience is through a team of experts. We’ve equipped all our guide stores with Made-to-Measure specialists who not only help you to ease into the shopping process but also run you through the latest trends, provide personalized styling tips and help you design your custom piece.

Meet our Made-to-Measure specialists at one of our stores.



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